Europe’s Roswell: UFO Crash at Aberystwyth

On a dark winter’s night in January 1983, the sleepy Welsh village of Llanilar near Aberystwyth was buzzed by a strange flying craft, which hit trees, scattered shiny metal debris over four fields and flew off apparently unaffected.
One farmer witnessed the debris and clean up operation; one national newspaper carried the story; one civilian investigation team made it to the site; one collection of strange metallic debris remains. Witness for the first time ever in graphic detail genuine pieces of a crashed UFO.
Mark Olly is an author, musician, historian, archeologist and lecturer. Best known for writing and presenting the ITV Granada/Sky History Channel’s popular television series “Lost Treasures.” Here he presents this first investigation in a series of internationally important hidden mysteries.

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  1. Very painful to watch.<br /><br />Unoriginal in approach – copy The X Files intro? Are you kidding me?<br /><br />Then those awful music cues and what&#39;s up with the Three Musketeers get-up? <br /><br />I will say this – tonight my insomnia has been cured.

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