More UFO sightings in Blue Springs, Missouri – May 2012

TV report by KMOV News 4 from 28th May 2012 about the strange UFO activity in the sky over Blue Springs in Missouri lately.

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  1. We saw an object like this in Durham, North Carolina last mid-week while walking our dog.<br /><br />Circular orb with changing red-green-blue colors, occasional halo burst of white. <br /><br />Thought it was rather large for a so-called blinking star.<br /><br />I would love to know who builds these things and what the hell they&#39;re doing up there. Seems like an airspace security issue,

  2. GO KCTV U ROCK!!! – i wish my local news was this cool – dont leave all the fun for our children i want the world to become aware while im still alive(27) i dont want to miss it<br /><br />matt_bpd – dont restrict your mind unlock it

    • this was a follow up report from the first one my friend – the anomalie is ongoing – i hope to see a 3rd report on this then that will realy increase the pressure on the gov to further investigate<br /><br />MATT_BPD

  3. I live near dallas. i see the same thing a couple nights a week. i used a telescope to look at the object and it seems to blink tons of different colors and shades like a strobe light.

  4. The best part is when they claim that the FAA has &quot;no record&quot; of where the calls came from. &quot;NO RECORD&quot;. Yep, in this digital era, the FAA has &quot;no record&quot;. My grandparents had &quot;Caller ID&quot; 20 Fing years ago. &quot;No record&quot;. 😛

  5. I believe that it won&#39;t be much longer when we will meet <br />these aliens from outer space and that they will communicate <br />with us and tell us many things that we have being longing to hear for many years. These aliens are real and they do come from other planets just like our planet earth.

  6. Never seen one like that, but ive seen a huge rectangle as big as a stadium very late while I was looking a dog at chester/newel wv sportmans club, the location of the object was above blue lake where shippingport, beaver pa power plant pumps their waste, it looked like a space station, and 30 minutes went by as it rolled then fliped, and like a black hole the stars around pull around it, light

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