UFO activity seen and recorded over Paterson, New Jersey 10-May-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This two linked lights were hovering in the sky above Paterson in New Jersey, USA on Thursday, 10th May 2012.

Witness report: Strobbing star like objects loud sound. Around midnight I heard a weird sound, it was quite strange, jet like just a tad more disturbing, and it felt wrong. So i decided to look out my window, and sound got louder. I looked up and saw the typical stars in the sky that dim in the distance motionless. Only one moved to the right and was sort of glued to the other, it is when i went to my room and got my iphone, I needed to record it. While im getting camera ready I look up, the stars was triple the size and getting bigger as it got closer descending to our neighborhood.

The sound got louder, fellt and sounded like pulsating waves of sound, I immediately felt scared because the object got closer and I saw a clear look as it hovered pass my apartment, did not look nor sound like a jet, plain, helicopter or any other flying vehicle we know. It was definitely ship like, HUGE, the pulsating lights were under it, like 3 light circles pulsating and as it pulsated emitting the sound. It was disturbing, ship hovered by, then i saw more coming and recorded, i captured about 2 minutes of the sound very disturbing, as well as the light strobes, and on the video u can see the one that moved, hovered and disappeared out of nowhere. Im uploading a video here, but i recorded about 8 more Ill upload today. I am still shaken, scared, couldn sleep, noises and hovering stopped at around 3:30am Eastern Time.

I know for a fact its UFO, objects behaved like stars first then moved, ascending, descending, fast, then when passing by each other, hovering for a second like communicating then continue moving in opposite directions.

Sound were very loud, coming and going as ships were hovering back again. I spotted at least 5 ships that hovered back and forth. And 3 specific ones that were together on a straight line, they would hover a bit and move but always in formation, those were white center, and outer glow was yellow, blue and red.

I have more video footage, hopefully USA releases an official statement, if not I need to submit this info, I want the world to see we are not alone, if we are in for an invasion, last night was definitely a test. As they went and returned for about 3 hours.
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. Well, I'm a believer !! I've seen some !!! And,, I'll tell everybody what ! I have seen a lot more reseantly !!!!! What I have been seeing is what looks just like a star and as high up as a star would be. However this star moves, really moves ! Just a guess it's mph is about 2000 to 35000 mph in a straight line. And it's no meteorite !! Or satellite ! Government not fooling me

  2. Why can&#39;t you hold your damn camera still? People documenting what they think are UFO sightings should be required by law to be smart enough to know how to hold a camera still.<br /><br />This, as all others goes in the file marked: meaningless video of a traffic light in the distance taken by dufas who doesn&#39;t know how to shoot video.

  3. the world knows we.re not alone sightings every 4 hours countless sightings worldwide liked your camera work quite scarey for you to film early hours of morning could be new government type ufos or the real deal power to your courage let people see the real footage.

  4. not worthy of even showing here, looks like a plane to me…unsteady hand, nothing looks unnatural to me- worst footage i have seen on this site.

  5. I think the same thing just happened here in Orange County,California. We saw yellow lights covering the sky in a formation and then were moving around, ascending and descending. It was so scary! They keep going by one by one and then disappearing again.

  6. your a great camera woman, nice and smooth always keeping the target in focus center frame. Way to collect great proof.

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