Unknown daytime object hovering above Montana – May 2012

UFO news – This daytime footage of UFO or orb was recorded over Montana in early May 2012.

Witness report: Too far away to say it was a sphere but this type of object is no stranger to me. Last time I saw one of these was mainly in 2009 and some in 2010. At the end this object vanished or I would have kept filming it. My niece and I could no longer see it with our naked eyes. If I had better programs Id show in slow motion the blinking object that flew by but I dont. We did review it on our big screen tv and I have no idea what it was. My niece said she saw 2 of the blinking objects together fly off. Hope to video more in the future. No fear.———–We did not see this when filming but if you look at 5:30 another blinker flies up from the bottom of screen just right of the white object and flies all the way up to top of the screen.It is very fast and hard to see here. Go FULL SCREEN to see it.The 2nd blinker can be easily seen at 5:46.
Author (commandorando123 @ youtube)

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  1. This is exactly what I saw in Cheyenne, WY this morning (5/8/12) just before 8:00 am. Reported it on MUFON.

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