Daytime UFO filmed over Montreal, Canada 6-Jun-2012

LUFOS – This daytime UFO activity was recorded in the sky above Montreal in Canada on 6th June 2012.
Witness report: I was hanging out on my back balcony garden when I noticed a red shape floating in the sky. The deep red colour of the object didn’t come through very well on the video for some reason, but I could definitely see it. The object was floating back and forth in roughly a north-south trajectory over a 40 minute period. It was roughly 2000-3000 feet in the sky, approximately 10 feet in diameter. The object moved both with purpose and randomly, it changed shape from spherical to a square-ish shape and back a few times and changed colour from red to black once. It was flying both against and with a northerly wind (coming from the left in the video). It flew off to the north after about 45 minutes and disappeared.
Author (mravka9 @ youtube)

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  1. I see we are revisiting this one,<br />I think by the way it moves it may be some sort of kite.We are told,but not shown it flew off after 45min…I guess the battery in the camera was to low to film that part.

  2. i think these smaller types are probs too see if our atmosphere is ok for them or toxic ? the planet is toxic with different ozone levels pollutions wars drugs if these aliens are here to assist us from our own self destruction whats the beef the earth needs help pronto my galactic cousins .

  3. Feels like I am watching TV these days. Nothing but repeats!! Start showing something new guys or I am going to another sight.

  4. I think from now on, people should get some zoom on there video camera. And by some ,i mean a lot, unless we wanna continue to see these (no offense) shotty pictures of a tiny spec in the sky, whoopdee do dah.

  5. The &#39;Glow &#39; or &#39;Aura&#39; has me wondering ? …. But the movement is like a kite . Some of the stunt kite&#39;s have two control lines . Which would make the back and forth motion . This is an interesting video though . I&#39;m still un decided on this one . 6/29/2012 9;05 pm

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