Aussie man claims he’s seen a UFO

Peter Maxwell Slattery says he’s spotted UFOs many times near his home in Albury and that he now has proof.

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  1. the world governments know how much people know regarding ufos yet wont come into the open & tell us ? why ? i liked the peter maxwell video & interview aussies are a down to earth lot dont mince with there words i totally believe him yet we still have the doubters non believers it messes up there religeons & the bible mentions them in the book of eli.

    • You must be satisfied with the Government propaganda (Carbon Tax, Asylum Seekers, Sports & Political backstabbing) fed to Australians everyday without any one journalist doing their job of investigating news stories such as this one. Peter Slattery knows that few people will report what they see/video/photograph/find and the media just use it for tounge-in-cheek comedy breaks in news reports.

  2. Peter Slattery is one of many Australians who have witnessed UFOs and Paranormal Activity. At least he has the gonads to be interviewed and face the myopic fools who think they know everything about the universe. Stick with it Peter. Onya Mate.

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