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Mill Creek, WA – 6/17/2012 12:30am
Slow moving clear orb-looking thing with fire inside of it. Took video with my cell, but it looks so far away in the video compared to how close it actually was. Don’t know what it was, but I can’t explain it. *Looks like the filetype of my video is “not allowed.”

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Delaware Co. Ohio – June 16, 2012

My wife and I each video taped these objects we believe were in fact UFO’s. This was on Jun 16, 2012 between 10:50 and 11:10pm. I did speak to Delaware Co. 911 and Ohio Highway Patrol last night as well.
The Hi-Def vid (file size) is just way too big to email. I will have to upload it to Photobucket. This video attached was one my wife took from out front of the house while I stayed in back (so we had two diff. vantage points). We saw 5 total but who knows how many there were before I saw the first one. Attached are some screen shots of the Hi-Def vid.
These came one right after another. There was no sound, they were pulsing/glowing brilliant orange. One came into view looking to the east, it was going west toward us then turned north and disappeared from sight then another just like it appeared from the same place in the sky and followed the exact same path as if on a rail. There were (or I should say) we never saw two at the same time. The duration of each one lasted about 4 min. each. They were NOT planes, helicopters, swamp gas, or weather balloons. In fact it was breezy and the winds were coming from the west (opposing the objects).

Video link:

Dave & Tomi

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Drogenbos, Brussels, Belgium – At about 11.15 pm on june 16 2012.
I was driving with my wife along humanitet boulevard in Drogenbos – Brussels – Belgium.

We exactely saw 5 RED orbs. in the sky in the neibourghood of the power plant +- 100 meters above. They were moving not in formation towards the east (center of Brussels).
The orbs were not blinking. We could see a big blured red light in each.
Unfortunalety my mobile phone is an old one and does not have camera.

There was a lot of traffic and my wife was quite tired, so she urged me to drive home quickly.

They were flying slowly, then faster, then again slowing down and not synchonized at all.
I was a nightsight. It is a populated area (industries, some shops)
It lasted 1 minute or more(because I was driving away), they did not disappear, but continued flying towards east.

I hope someone took some pictures or record it, because I am still asking myself if it was some military devices or something else. I am quite sure, there were not planes.

Personaly, It made me feel strange. Difficult to explain.

John Doe
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Portland, OR – 6/16/12 23:30
North Portland at Willamette & Killingsworth. Seemed like a helicopter at first. But lights were different color. Red & Blue and occasional bright white light. Hovering at first, then moving in erratic manner. No sound at all.

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Winnipeg, MB, Canada – June 15, 2012
Before go to bed at 11:30 went out an object very bright passed on top of my house in direction SE. I run to pick up my camera but unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to setup the focus and I didn’t pay attention that was in night shot position due the emotion.
I run to mi car and cross part of the city to find open spot. I found the object going in the same direction but I didn’t have enough time to get out the car before it hide from the trees . This is my first sight after 40 years waiting for that
Youtube video link:

I have a second sight next day . The UFO was static over down town changing
pulsing light from green , red to white.
Unfortunately I couldn’t follow it because I was in my way to attend an


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Danville, California – June 15 2012 1am
Ufo sighting. Ball of light appears it did not come across the sky just appeared. It was a white light and had a tail behind it. Then it slowed down and stopped and red lights became visible and it seemed to take form. It moved in a zig zag up down left right for about 20 seconds then went straight down out of sight. Then about 5 minutes later a huge boom maybe sonic boom. It’s like no one heard the boom or saw this thing which was right over houses in danville ca. Tonight I’m watching with a video camera. What are the odds of seeing it again in same place? Am I wasting my time? I also turned on my police scanner after seeing it but not even a word! No one even noticed the huge boom which must have shook people’s houses. Googled it and no one seems to have noticed. I must catch it on tape and post tonight.

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Santa Ana, CA – 6/15/2012- 9:00 pm
Location: Santa Ana, CA 21:00hrs
I was at a backyard party with a few friends. We were outside sitting down, and someone who was there got really serious all of a sudden. He said, ” what is that ? look guys over there , those lights”. He was looking Eastward towards Orange, Ca . There where around 7 circles of light. The circles where orange in color and where scattered . We all starred for a while and they seemed to be hovering for about 10 minutes They moved little by little and eventually started to disappear one by one, except for the last 2 , those disappeared together. They were not airplanes, or helicopters because I’ve seen many of those , and these were something else. There was 5 + people , and we all saw them. Is there anyone else out here in Orange County that has seen similar objects ????

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Jersey Village Texas – 6/14/12 9-11:00pm CT
I live in an area where there is allot of air craft activity.Im pretty sure I might of seen these so called “shapeshifters” but never really recorded them until now.I was out walking my dog when all of a sudden I saw strange lights hoovering over the sky.It was then when I ran out and grabbed my camera.If I am not mistaken there are more than one lighted craft in the video and there is a strange sound.
Here’s the link guys:
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Milton Keynes, UK – 13/6/2012
I have 3 videos over two nights of flying fireballs
they fly over to my house and stop for s min before moving off
they come when i ask them to and my camara is ready to film,, very stange, im going to ask again tonight and video them again

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Vernon Ave, Elkhart, IN – 06/12/12 – 11:25 pm

While on my deck smoking, in the Southern sky about 3/4 up from the horizon, I saw 3 lights moving slowly in a North-East direction. They were not blinking, but moved at a steady pace much like planes at high altitude. They were in a triangular formation, moving like an arrow, the first way out in front, and the other two about half the distance from each other as they were from the leading light.

What was odd is that planes do NOT fly that close together when they are so high that you cannot detect the blinking of the lights.

Then, after watching for about 20-30 seconds, the lead light began to fade. When it was gone, the bottom one began to fade as well, and about half way before it was gone, the top one as well. There may have been some clouds, so at first I thought that maybe these ‘planes’ had moved behind them. But there were stars visible in the same area. I waited several minutes for them to come back into view, because their course would have taken them back out of the clouds to where I could see stars, but they never re-appeared.

I know planes so high that you cannot tell the lights are blinking never fly that close together, but even if they did, the LAST thing they would do is shut off their lights so they cannot see each other. Even then, plane lights do NOT fade out. They are either on, or off. I believe this was something else.

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Sweden, Landskrona – 2012-06-11
I walked out of my office to get into the house for a coffee refill. As usual I scan the skies for something unusual, and I spot this very bright object. First I thought it was Venus but the object was actually moving!! So I threw my mug away ran into the office and got a hold of my camcorder. Turned it on while running for a better view and started filming, so I thought!!!! After like 10 seconds I noticed I wasn´t recording, *DOOOOH*
Well this is not a Chinese lantern, because I know what they look like and this object was extremely bright.

Youtube video link:

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crossing over Key Bridge, DC – June 11, 4:00-4:30 am
My son-in-law is currently on night work driving a truck for a construction company. He just told me this morning (June 12) that he witnessed a spectacular green flash and heard a boom between est. 4:00-4:30 am, Monday 6/11/2012. He was about to cross over the Key Bridge when he saw the sky light-up in the distance to the north but on the right side of Route 695. Shortly, there was another bright green flash.

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Picacho Wash Road, Carefree HWY, Morristown, AZ – June 10, 2012 – 9:25 PM

My husband recently purchased an adventure dual sport motorcycle so we can travel on some of the dirt road scenic drives throughout Arizona and the Southwest. Last night around 8:30PM we took a ride to an off-road area about 40 minutes from our home to test the new light he bought for the bike to help see on night rides. The area is commonly referred to as “The Boulders” because of a small boulder formation at the trail head/camping area. Because of the summer heat, people do not tend to camp or use this area as often as they do during winter and spring. I believe the road is called Picacho Wash, and it is between mile markers 11 and 12 off the Carefree/Morristown New River Highway.

We rode about 3 miles north on the dirt road and stopped to hop off the bike and check one of the maps on a sign describing the area. There was a full moon last week, so the skies were quite dark, no moon was present and we were able to see a plethora of stars in the desert sky. After about 10 minutes of enjoying the stars and cooler weather of the open desert, we saw what appeared to be two greenish halogen headlights from a sedan-type vehicle heading toward us on Picacho Wash road, but there was no noise of an engine or crunch of dirt and rocks beneath the tires. Since we stopped in the middle of the road and felt slightly uncomfortable about being alone in the desert at night, we climbed back on the bike and headed back toward the highway to go home.

As we rode, the headlights disappeared, but we did not see the car turn around, or down a side road because the sides of Picacho Wash are lined with barbed wire fencing to prevent off-roaders from riding on non-designated trails. We did not see any taillights or dust being stirred up. As we rode slowly along the dirt path we saw what appeared to be a cloudy mist appear in front of our motorcycle. Then, to the south in the sky there was a bright, round green orb with yellow and orange in the center. This orb was probably between 2000 and 3000 feet in the sky. Its trajectory curved, but when it looked like it would fall, the orb of lights vanished. There was no smoke, no trail from the light, or anything else that would indicate a firework, signal flare or weather balloon.

The area south of Picacho Wash Road is uninhabited and unpaved, just a dirt road and open desert. The road eventually connects with ranch land, but that is not for at least 20 miles. The orb did not hover, it just appeared mid-air, curved up, slightly down then disappeared into the night sky. There was no sign of anyone else out on this road, we seemed to be by ourselves.

We are both logical people, but what we witnessed was nothing that can be explained by a normal theory. My husband does not believe in paranormal things, but even this experience puzzled him.

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Akron, Ohio – June 09, 2012 11:17pm EST
Here is video of strange, orange, flaming lights traveling silently through the sky, often in patterns and changing directions instantly.

This is not my video, it was shared by a local radio station. The owner is the host of the video I will share. Please watch the video, and note that the exact same objects have been captured on video within the past 3 years in Akron again, near Cleveland over Lake Erie, and in Ontario, just north of Lake Erie. I will include links to some of these other accounts of these objects as well.

Akron, OH 2012:

Akron, OH 2011:

Strange accounts around Cleveland, OH, 2011:

Ontario, CA, 2009:


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Camano Island, Washington – 6/09/12 approx. 2:40 a.m.
I fell asleep on the couch friday evening. We had built a small fire in the stove, at this time of year, it can get a little warm. I wasn’t sleeping very well, got up around 2:30 to get a drink of water. Laid back down on the couch,closed my eyes. when laying on the couch you look out the window into the back yard/woods. The angle is up into the tree tops. The tree’s are approx 150 ft tall right around the edge of our property. Our back yard is small, so the woods are quite close.

I had my eyes closed, & something bright flashed against my eyes. I opened them to see what was going on. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Bright orange lights, just above the tree tops, aiming down into the woods. I got up to peer closer out the back window, I could make out that the object had one large orange light in the middle, of what appeared to be a large disc. There were numerous lights on the bottom of this thing, looked to be in a cross, with the largest one in the middle. They were scanning down into the wood! I have never seen anything like this in my life! I can’t get out of my head the way the lights were strobing into the woods. It made absolutely no sound, moving very slowly away from the house towards the end of the island. I didn’t get but about 5 to 10 seconds to look at it, & this was also through the tree tops/branches. I was shaking, wished I had had a camera in my hand, but didn’t want to move knowing that I would miss how long I got to see it. Kind of creepy. What were they looking for?I texted my daughter, also did a rough draft of what I saw.

I won’t forget this moment for the rest of my life.

I always knew that there was something out there, there can’t be that many sightings & people not be telling the truth. Well, now, I totally believe!!


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Amsterdam, Holland – 08-06-2012
A globe-like object that passed the clouds that I happened to be photographing. It moved very fast so I couldn’t take these three pictures. Magnifying the image with 400 – 500%.

Kristel, Abraham

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Branson, Mo – 06/4/2012 10:00pm -10:30pm
I was camping at Table Rock Lake me and my buddy were sitting around a camp fire and i looked up and there was this Orange-bluish light floating across the sky i was thinking that i did see a ufo but later that night i was going to bed and looked up as i was laying down threw my see thru tent and there was this cylinder looking object with 5 blue and yellow lights on it then i knew that i saw a ufo twice that night


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Wenatchee, WA – 5.25.12 @ 9:37pm PST
My family watched two of these hover in the sky above the mountains. At first they appeared to be airplanes as we could see them gradually inclining with two lights flashing on either side. The first one vanished out of nowhere & I ran inside to get my camera. As I attempted to take a pic of this one, the 2nd, it was nearly impossible to capture as it was jumping all over the lens. As you can see, this is certainly NOT an airplane. The UFO appeared in the SW part of the sky in Wenatchee, WA over a mountain named “Castlerock.” Like the first one, the 2nd onwb appeared to be gradually inclining when it suddenly disappeared. Any ideas on what they could be? This is a pic of a pic; I shot them on my Canon in full zoom. Our Internet is down so I took a pic with my iPhone. I’m really interested in finding out what this is! Thanks 🙂
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Ystalyfera, Wales, UK – 16/05/12 10:00-11:00 pm
A single light above the mountain, caught on a video camera the light drops in the sky and disappears in to the night sky! Around 10pm 11pm

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Kaiserslautern, Germany – 2010

Video link:

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  1. We saw something similar to the Winnipeg UFO over I-85 in Durham, NC in the middle of May, 2012. <br /><br />Because we have so many trees, it was hard to follow it. It didn&#39;t move much for a long time, but changed color and put out an white halo from time to time. No sound.

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