A compilation of UFO footage from NASA’s archives

Interesting video compilation of UFOs from NASA’s archives.

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  1. It is just so Busy up there, isn&#39;t it? I do have to wonder 1) why do we never seen an identifiable satellite when there are so many up there and<br />2) what the hell was that big black thing flying across the screen at 3:10 between the two space stations? Yikes!

  2. What impresses me most about the whole ufo subject isn&#39;t their size,or speed or even their existence,but rather the reaction of our glorious elected officials.It&#39;s acceptable practice to lie to us for the &quot;greater good&quot;,and if you ever think for yourself,you do it under penalty of mass ridicule,&quot;observation&quot;,or threats.THEN you get the consolation prize….The title

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