Alien Abductees Spoke During a Gorham, Maine Conference

Stories about alien abduction are often overlooked and treated as fantasies that lie within the boundary between imagination and dream. Despite of being rejected, it is important to note why these stories keep on emerging from decade to decade. Many people claim that they were once abductees of what they concluded as extraterrestrials inside the ufo. However, because of the fear that the people whom they would like to share with what they had experienced would only laugh at them, they prefer to hide what they wanted to say and just keep such experiences buried by memories.

But it seems like these people are given the chance to tell the world what they have been keeping for the long time as a conference was organized in Gorham, Maine for only one purpose: to allow individuals who claimed themselves as ufo abductees share what they felt while being captive by aliens. The event was hosted by a national support group led by the twins Audrey and Debbie Hewins of Mechanic Falls.

All of the keynote speakers in the conference, which was entitled “Experiencers Speak,” shared how such abduction changed their lives and how they became true believers of ufos. Lifelong series of encounters with aliens were discussed and explored. Perhaps, this event wanted to emphasize only one thing, and that is to tell the world that humans are not alone in the universe.

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  1. It is about time NOW, we all opened up, with our experiences, lets share, discover, we are all truly the same, as they, ET's, Light Beings, Angelic Beings of light,…..cant wait to read more of these wonderful articles…

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