Another UFO recorded by NASA’s Mars Curiosity? 10-Sep-2012

September 2012; Another photo of a huge strange object recorded by Curiosity rover, a car-sized robotic rover exploring Gale Crater on Mars as part of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission.

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  1. Nice Try. I am looking right at the original photo and see nothing in this spot. WTF is wrong with people ?? Why do they waste time faking crap? It ruins the fun for people like us that want to know what's out there.

  2. could be batman could,be superman could be a reflection could be space debris could be rock debris or final analises an unidentified object keeping an eye on our curiosity robot mind boggles NASA will come up with an answer folks.

  3. Huge??? relatively speaking, I don't think so. since I am not a photographer, I guess it couldn't just be a speck on the lens?

  4. thanks… we cant say..the ufo, is an illusion, of anything…..because..theres. only the Curiosity rover there……love u all….Allanah Stanhope, Toowoomba, Queensland Australia..13/09/12

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