UFO over Boston’s Skyscrapers

Another incredible UFO sighting was witnessed hovering over the stormy evening skies on Wednesday in Boston. Many witnesses were scratching their heads because of their amazement.

The UFO activity was caught on video and posted to YouTube. Just like many other UFOs seen in the sky lately, this one also has no wings, no running lights, no rotor blades and it did not create a sound.

The unidentified flying object was dotting the sky in the downtown area of Boston and hovering over tall buildings. It has grayish color that almost camouflaged by the cloudy skies. Due to the cloudy skies and the UFO’s color, it is difficult to see against the background.

It could be a dangerous maneuver if the UFO was one of the known kinds of aircraft. It is also impossible that the unidentified flying object was a balloon because it did not look like a blimp. The people in the area were confused on what they saw. Why is it?

It is expected that people in a big city are used to seeing aircraft in the sky and they can clearly differentiate UFOs from any kinds of aircraft. So, the fact that many people in Boston getting confused on what they had seen, it is logical to conclude that the flying object was unusual.

What do you think about the object on the video?

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  1. Sorry but if this was indeed a real event I'm sure the first thing anyone would do is try to zoom in on it & also the lack of remarks or even gasps in the background goes against reality.

  2. Ok, I understand the beginning of the video, just picks up with UFO but then it just ends and never zooms in??? If you really see something that is crazy unidentified why would you not record until it was gone? Also, why would you not zoom in? Maybe he was already zoomed all the way in but where is the rest of the video?<br />

  3. There are MANY reasons this video just shouldn&#39;t even come close to being considered watchable. Mainly, however, the 33 seconds of NOT showing hundreds of things that could have been included in this video considering the caption, location, and well….. oh i give up. thanks for wasting our time

  4. I see these pictures and I know some are fake but I&#39;m sure some are real because I&#39;ve seen things too. Sometimes it makes me feel like one of those hysterical women in the old 40&#39;s movies. &quot;What do they want? Why don&#39;t they do something! Look at them, lurking out there, always sneaking about and grabbing people out of their beds and doing things, unspeakable things to their

  5. Object follows the camera shake rather than the clouds behind it. Watch again focusing on the object in relation to the sides of the frame.<br />Fakey-fake-fake.

  6. click on the; watch on youtube option………..This tells you everything. <br /><br />Once at youtube, comments and thumbs up and down are deleted options, hence no one can weigh in and the video poster gets the credit for views.<br /> <br />The person that posted this is laughing their arse off…………<br />Personally? I am sick to death of these fake flicks………hopefully when the real

  7. juries outon this one people working on those 2 tower blocks wouldve had birdseye views of this craft the maintenance team couldve got roof access or even office staff working in the 2 buildings its a bummer lads,

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