A Unique UFO Hunt in Russia’s Lake

SUKHOI, RUSSIA – UFO followers went to the shore of the world’s deepest Lake Baikal of Russia hoping to see flying saucers above the lake.

There were about 50 people gathered as one group and set up tents on the southern part of the lake as part of event called as “Trans-Eurasian UFO-Search expedition.”

The UFO followers were interested with the reports from the locals about UFOs in the area. One of the participants of the event said that it was in this place that TU-154 airplane crashed in 1958. Reports from the locals state that UFO chased the air craft until it reached Baikal waters. UFO reports were frequent around Baikal.

The group members were hoping to capture UFO activity in the sky using video and photo cameras. One member even made his equipment to capture UFO activity which he said capable to monitor radiation and infrared emission.

Two members of the group were claiming to have captured a UFO sighting on camera at the expedition. They said that initially the object did not move with different flashing and glowing colors – red, blue, green, yellow. After a few minutes the UFO started to move chaotically, different from any known flying object.

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