UFO seen and recorded over Paris, France – September 2012

Latest UFO sightings – This footage of a bright unidentified flying object was allegedly recorded over Paris, France in early September 2012.

What do yout think about this sighting? Real or fake?
Witness report: I made a second sighting of the same type of Sunset UFO, observing the sky, I saw giant chemtrails. I wanted to film them, what I’ve done elsewhere. I noticed this orange light, (Sunset color), and pretty incredible: it was Disc-shaped! i don’t think that it was just a light, maybe a physic metallic object, like a probe or something like that. Sorry, the sighting is not very long. (I came to late) What is it?
Author (WTFflow @ youtube)

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  1. It could be a life distress parachute flare because it's flashing and falling steadily slowly as a parachute will. I don't think it is a U.F.O.

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