What Are All These UFO Sightings? Flares, Chinese Lanterns, or Real Alien Spacecrafts?

The purpose of this video is to destroy the idea that these orbs of light could be flares, balloons, Chinese lanterns, or any sort of man-made aircraft.

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  1. Right. In terms of ratings:<br />* reported by reasonbly respectable international newsmedia; 2 points pro station<br />* the same &#39;object&#39; was reported &amp; filmed from different and rather distant positionsand by multile persons; 2 points pro position <br />* the phenomenon was seen at a very large distance and altitude…. let us not multiply the sofar rating by zero in this 1.0

  2. Ofcourse it is time ,but what you expect from all goverments to say to people yes they are aliens with high tehnolologies tousnt´s of years infront of us and they can do what they wont, we can yust sit and watch them. No protection against aliens in cas if they are not friendly with us.No goverment on these word will acept these trought.

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