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Your UFO reports: 27th October –  3rd November 2012
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Valongo-Oporto, Portugal – 04-11-2012
White and glowing object flying just above the town while going toward the mountain,moving forward and then back, very fast, but like hovering the same place but moving, no sound.
The object kept moving like that in the same place hovering and then as it moved out of the clouds we could see that that was a “ball” like silver in the sky, that was really a flying machine. Then another fenomenan took place just beside it, it looked like a chain spining in the air very fast, it seemed like to be caused by the other object, and it sometimes seemed to be like flying soucers like the other but there was many of them passing in high speed in the sky forming a circule in the sky. That was amazing, then me and my friends went by car to the mountains to try to find something but the only thing we could see when we moved was the chain-like-thing but it was much harder to notice in that place.

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San Francisco, CA – 11/3/2012 12:45PM

I was taking photos in my library when a glimmer of light caught my eye. It’s a perfectly clear day – blue skies. When I look out my window I can see something reflecting sunlight almost directly above my house. It’s not moving at all (or moving very slowly). I’m guessing about 2,500 feet in altitude. I quickly switched lenses on my camera so I could get a better look at it. Definitely not a plane, helicopter or balloon. Not making a sound. I observed the object for about 30 minutes and snapped several pictures. It then started to move slowly westward toward the ocean. Can’t quite tell what it was. Definitely metallic – it’s shape seemed to morph while I observed it. At times it almost looked like it was giving off its own light – but probably it was just the sun reflecting off the surface. Very strange….

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Jackson/ Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA – Nov. 01, 2012 , bet. 2:30-2:45 pm
This is the second time that I had seen a UFO. I don’t know if there is something wrong with me, or if I am just lucky enough to be in the right time at the right place. The first was on July 7, 2012 ( on an airplane, in Korea). This time here in the US.
Yesterday,my husband & I were going to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, to go shopping.It is one hour’s drive from my place. 20 minutes before arriving at our destination, i was looking at the sky,with just few clouds & mostly sunny. I was looking at a jet plane that was passing over the missouri sky. Since my husband was driving, I had a good look at the blue sky. Then, I saw something, adjacent, to the right side of the plane ( not close to the plane, but a little lower on the right side). It was rectangular in shape. No tail, no parachute, no wings.I am very sure it was not a plane. It was white & little bit shiny . Unlike the jet plane where i saw it as it sped in the sky, this object just appeared from nowhere. I pointed at it, & told my husband ” look, what is that?” He said ” a jet”. I said again,” no, the other one”.I was pointing but he didn’t see it. All in all, it took 7-10 seconds, and then the object was gone. No clouds tailing it. It just completely disappeared. Where the object was, was very clear blue sky. I wish my husband saw it, but he didn’t.
Today, the day after, I googled it, if there were any sightings in Missouri. Well, surprise, surprise, there has been lots of UFO sightings , even in the local TV newscast, not just in missouri, but in the exact area ( jackson/cape girardeau), where i saw it, since May of this year. I don’t think I’m going crazy for seeing these UFO’s. I believe they are real. I hope more people will be able to see them, so they will believe these sightings.

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San Diego, Ca, USA – 10/31/2012
A line of lights that moved and then stopped in the sky on the west side of San Diego, flickering and shining and stayed there for a while. They were bright and after a while faded but still there, every once in a while would be bright again.

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over Victoria park Perth western Australia – 30/10/2012 about 19.00
a object surrounded in yellow light entered the sky and flew horizontally for good 3seconds and dissapeared in middle of light dusk sky.

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Traveling from New York – 09-29-2012
On the above date i was recording images in the sky and after reveiwing the footage i noticed a light shining in the clouds; a short time later two hands grabbed the light and held it in praying hands for a time then released the light then grabbed it again twice. at the time i am not able to transfer footage from phone to my files. Please advise me to the proper actions to take to protect my intellectual property.

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Koper, Slovenia – 17,28,29 10 2012
Ive seen this kind of lights a lot the last year and i must say im worried. Becouse when i start stearing at them they move a lot and change color from white to red, blue ,green ….

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Price, Utah – 10/28/2012 10:00 P.M.
I was traveling on Hwy 6 east by exit 240 and saw a triangle shape object in front of our car we drove under it and it seemed to follow us down the road untile exit 241 then it vanish. The lights were all different colors.

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Dayton, Ohio – Oct. 28 2012 -10 am
long thin siver metalic shape, low to horizon, stationary west of Dayton ohio. Too thin to be a blimp, reflective. stayed in same spot, did not appear to move as I drove down interstate 75. Others in car saw it as well.

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over LAX airport, California – 2012-10-28
was doing some time lapse pictures of LAX airport Friday night
i did not see these things flying around until i made a video out of all the pictures i took
one or 2 times these things fly by a plane that’s landing
also there is another light getting dimmer and bright on the top light

Youtube video link:

0:41 its comes in from the right
0:51 bottom toward the left a little there is something over a hanger getting brighter and dimming then slowly goes away
0:56 another one fly’s in from the right
1:03 there is 2 of them in the sky at the same time… a new one fly’s in from the right as one gos out of the picture
1:23 comes threw the right again
2:11 comes threw the right again

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Old road 30 by Deniston lake – Wednesday October 24, 8:35pm and 9:06pm
I saw wat looked like a bright white light fall from the sky it had no tail behind it like a shooting star would and it fell into a woods about 500 yards away I blew it off kinda until I was driving home at 906 pm and saw another this time much closer about 100 feet it fell in the woods right of of old road 30 near deniston lake.

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Benidorm, Spain – 13 october 2012
THIS amazing footage was captured by me, Kaleb LondonKaleb in Benidorm Spain on the night of october 13/14th in the middle of the night. I recorded this 10 minute video using my Sony Cyber Shot H70 Digital Video Camera using the best possible quality at 720p with Bionz technology and zoomed in as close as possible using 10X optical zoom. THIS IS NOT A HOAX, nor is it ANY kind of crappy CGI effects either. This footage is 100% authentic and i have the original film still on my 4GB TDK SD memory card which is now kept in a safe and secret location. This is the best sighting and footage captured of a UFO in the year 2012. What makes this event unique and special is that the space ship craft appears to be morphing, changing size and shape as the lights in the video appear to be all over the place from one to another, ALSO changing colors from standard white to BLUE and possible other colors too. The object appeared to be moving at a steady speed before vanishing behind a tall apartment tower block next to some mountains… Some enhancements have been made but ONLY using the built in YT Video Editor, nothing more and nothing less!

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Athens, Greece – 13/10/2012 19:20
Unknown object landing in the city center ..

Photos can be found here:

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  1. the san francisco,ca sighting with photos is clearly a helium party balloon,the number 2 can see the string hanging below.<br />i have been an avid skywatcher for many years and have seen my fair share of balloons of varying shape and colour. <br />yes ufos are real but this is not one of them…

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