UFO activity above Oregon – November 2012

UFO Oregon
UFO sightings – This unknown object was recorded flying across the night sky above Oregon in early November 2012.
Witness report: The UFO is filmed using two camcorders. A digital HI8 and Gen 3 NV/HD. The object was first noticed pulsating rapidly which is what caught my attention as I had just arrived at the sighting location and was getting prepared unpacking the equipment. It was traveling North and under 500 feet in elevation and the Night Vision was utilized to tell if it was one solid or two and it appears to be two separate objects traveling in tandem. Each cluster of lights also appear to rotate around a different axis noted in the NVsection as the object moves in the sky. (Video Notes: After review the object did not drop any plasma or lights as I thought in the video narration and the worn bearings in the HI8 cam are creating noise you hear in the HI8 portions of the filming.)
Author (whotookmymojo @ youtube)

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  1. Funny Happenings in Florida on Halloween night! was trick or treating with the kid's that night when one of them yelled for me to look up in the sky! what i observed i couldn't explain! it lookd like a vertical beam of light with many colors! abought a 1000ft in the sky the object looked to be abought 50ft long & was moveing so fast that when i blinked it was gone! we observed 2 of

  2. This one of the best and well documented (video) sitings. Kudos to the videographer, he stuck with it and did as well as could be expected; most of these things make this old man dizzy. Why some of these folks don&#39;t lean up against something to steady the images, I&#39;ll never figure out. At my age, it isn&#39;t a problem leaning against something…anything!<br /><br />Ed<br />Melba, ID

  3. I personally know Mojo… and have visited the place of his sightings and spent several nights out watching with him. This guy is the real deal.

  4. This is amazing! I know they are around us, my question is: what are they doing here? are they studying us? However, this is completely real.<br />

  5. definately the triangular type craft with a prob following class video sir keep up the good work either new military type black book technology or alien craft there posted on this site regularly great video .

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