Nasa causes UFO activity

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NASA has a satellite relay that has been test studying using soundwaves, the documentation that ancient astronomers used that many psychics stated was linked to some form of ancient technology. This is based on the many subjects of paranormal that NASA has studied that followed up by the CIA investigators relating to UFO visitations. If you refer to the subject regarding the illuminati and what is referred to as the NWO, and the many references to such an activity occurring under the American Governments supervision, it regards brain observations, psychical observations and experimentation by scientists at NASA for mind controlled effects and also for the psychic relays humans display that have been discussed as being relevant to this same past technology (psychics such as Edgar Cayce) and Stonehenge as some form of natural collider involving a stone relay of crystal transmissions that the ancients may have used for not only creating ATOMIC ORBITALS (UFO itself), but its relationship to the Giza Pyramid, its Book of the Dead or Satanic references that many have stated belong to a coded information in the Bible via letters and numbers. It is related to why the Government is associated to the old secret brotherhood orders who believe in the Grail as some form of Star relayed transmission broadcasting on the Earth.
NASA has studied the Sun patterns under the Sanskrit information and have been pulse testing the Earth to gain the results of where the “circles or patterns” are received, where the atomic orbital or electrical activation is received via a series of uses. 1 is to use websites for UFO volunteers to give them the informants of where the UFO was received and what it looked like. Any UFO alien contactee would be visited by the CIA as a case study.
It is why NASA tested the brainwave functions of mediums and channellers and have been using a brain relayed program on many psychics through a case study program. They realized that chemical induced outcomes could be tracked and relayed to human brainwaves as psychic messages, that not only confirmed the data they were broadcasting via satellite to the psychic’s brain but also the physical outcomes of these tests. It led to them testing animals, why cows were suddenly attacked by UFO phenomena.
This is linked to the American Governments earlier brain studies on mental health patients, which became a public outcry, as a documented event. They also began to test study the use of medicines and drugs on the human brainwaves and how they could emulate those same broadcast patterns via satellite for their mind control of human beings, many have argued about. This program has already been in use for many years.
When the collider was used, you will notice that the NASA satellites relaying and following the broadcast wavelengths were put out of service from the feedback relays they were following on the days of their world wide experiment. They have caused many earthquakes, and massive storms from this NASA experiment.
To understand how this linked to NASA is to realize as I did that a sun pattern crop circle we received many years ago relayed the same pattern that I observed that AIDS had. Many people have said that Scientists created AIDS as a virus and this is true….how?
The Grail relay or the old stone (earthline -NASCA for instance) that were burnt into the Earth from the old system technology many psychics have discussed have been studied via satellite relayed pulses from NASA.
The Grail is linked to what they called the bloodline, and our bloodling naturally is related to plasma.
NASA is trying to invent a collider program that they hoped would gain them a plasma science they could use for a new technology involving energy, not only to have a new resource, but also to try to have control of the Earth’s natural plasma relays.
As our blood is “sine or frequency related” their changing and altering of the Earth’s natural wavelengths as light and soundwaves has caused a change in the Earth’s sine frequencies.
This is why the ancients said that the bloodline was the Christ line or sacrifice, why people around the Earth began to exhibit the paranormal event of sine changes via stigmata (blood release or ooze). This is how ebola as a virus was also invented by NASA, and it is directly related to the increase of cancer of the blood.
You will find that NASA conducted a study on NEGROID men in their earlier plasma pulse studies (at the airbase where a UFO was dropped out of the sky and a plasma body also fell – alien). This study caused an influx of the stigmata involved blood linked syphillis. NASA has known that their scientific experiments is causing blood sine changes in humanity but don’t care less… long as they might gain a plasma technology and the understanding they thought the ancients had controlling planet’s Earth weather and psychic contacts.
To try and given an understanding to everyday humans is to get them to look at cloud formation and how plasma related images are created in these clouds as heads and bodies. The same body images can be seen in the Earth’s stone, as it was created from a plasma body.
These are just sound images, that scientists can also demonstrate occur from sound wave pulses.
In the NASA experiments their satellite pulses wavelengths that they studied formed UFO or space craft like cloud formations. These wavelengths began to alter our own human wavelengths that the ancients had documented as the angel lines. Human beings worldwide began to receive an influx of plasma images as alien looking beings, they were also changed via SINE frequecy to receive metal pulsed wavelengths that actually changed some individuals DNA messages (just like it did in the cows). These wavelengths can cause the natural images to form new constants which is how a body out of the plasma wavelengths has been received by many people globally.
These outcomes were studied by the CIA because they think that if they can find the humanbeings who are affected by such outcomes, it will give them what they stated is the holy grail or bloodline relays on Earth as newly received plasma relays (Christ healing) once documented by the ancient astronomers as Sun messages…..NASA wants these and it is why leaked documents stated that a mass induced human loss was going to be caused by NASA themselves as the NWO, a loss they state they are willing to take to have a plasma cell technology that they thought would mean that they could use our life resource for Nature as a technology for creating their own plasma cell.
As everything in Nature is linked to new transmission as the life protecting angel (or gel – plasma lines) as light soundwaves, it is why we have become so sick, nature reacting with huge storms because of NASA and the American Governments deceit.
I know this myself because as a psychic I have been and are still being abused by this NASA program, because I had written information about my own psychic insights regarding the ancient information and also what I had observed as a psychic medium.
They have threatened the life of my family, friends and animals, my lifestyle all for the purpose of supposedly monitoring my brain wavelength frequencies as a psychic that demonstrated a high psychic relay..which they have been trying to have changed into a depressed expression of insanity as they have expressed that it would give them a relayed insight of brainwave activity as a sine related pattern (fractal images) relating to incoming wavelengths via their satellite program.
As this program involves their hope to control the world weather program, their scare tactics of threats that I cannot prove as fact, has been used against me to try to cause me to become what they wanted to achieve as a scientific study of a human brainwave.
I have a long list of threats and outcomes that I can document and am trying to relate this to as many websites for others to read to try and gain some informed data for others to use against the American Government and their human abuse.
For example, taps have been left running and flooding many times, holes put in my water pipes both underground and above ground. Holes put in my pond liner, where we lost a huge amount of water. I decided to clean out this pond and a brown snake was put in the water.
My horses were threated by the CIA as being bitten by a brown snake, our barn would be burnt, a grass fire set, our house burnt, burgled, loss of job, loss of our financial situation, death by car accident, are just a few of the threats given to me.
My husband’s name is stepHEN, our 2 hens were taken (no feathers as left when an animal takes them)…2 roosters died, both were only a few months old. 1 day after the other my son and my sister had a car accident, the same day my husband after many years decided to have our neighbour fix our lawnmower, his wife passed a roadside grass fire, on WOM MA (mow backwards) road. A pile of cigarette butts was left outside our gate (we live in the country). The crop circles are called by the ancients a devil mowing the grass.
2 places were burnt down where we buy our horse feed. My neighbors tenants house caved in its ceiling via a flood. My daughter in law was threated at work by a sword weilding bandit. My son’s car was stolen and burnt, his next car an accident, his next car broken into.
I have been told by them that no-one will believe me because they not only have previously murdered several others via suicide look alike cases (many scientists relating to brainwave receipt of a higher intelligence) but also killed them in accidents.
I know beyond any doubt that the CIA/NASA/American Government has a brain control program running that not only blocks receipt of wavelengths causing many mind disturbances they have also created a computer program to relay thought messages that they studied occured in psychic mediums as a natural human brain state….why people received messages from light beings such as angels or deceased family members. This is why the CIA has been heavily involved in the study of paranormal events.
Our brains and the medical experiments proved to NASA that stimulus can cause brain recall memory of all past experiences, done under a medical program of the brain, that many stated was the same as near death experiences as having the whole life incidence recalled to them. This allows NASA to gain all life detail that they can sub consciously use against the individual as personal conscious feelings and data we all use in brain messages as feedback information for creating and making thoughts and choices in our life.
NASA and the CIA is using this mind control program already.
I hope to prove to others what NASA and the American Government has already achieved, why there is such a great amount of UFO activity, what causes this activity via the satellite relayed transmissions of NASA and how it relates to visitation by plasma celled or spirit forms…why it alters DNA messages, how it affects our brain patterns and brain waves.
It is why it has been documented that NASA has contacted aliens themselves (transmission or sound pattern) that they studied from space relating to space noise and frequency patterns. Why this study included people stating that American Government officials were possessed by those same aliens…simply because the CIA for many years have been experimenting with mind control contacts and the control of Government officials and their choices. How some psychics have said they could see images of alien looking spirit bodies around some Government officals when giving speeches for example.
These images were seen because of the satellite relayed program which we may as well state has caused a world possession to occur or the satanic act many stated related to the NWOrder themselves. As it is Satan who posseses the mind and causes very strange paranormal activity to occur. NASA is conducting this outcome on us all, why there is such an influx of paranormal actitivy, stigmata, possession and psychic visions.
You might understand that when they split the atom the Fatima visitations were caused, demonstrating how ATOMIC relayed events causes spiritual bodies to be released, for humans to become psychic as induced brain received messages from the Earth’s relays.
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  1. Classic paranoid schizophrenic delusions. <br /><br /> Reads like a transcription of the stuff I hear people muttering to themselves on the bus.

  2. WHAT???? I don&#39;t understand any of this. Reads like a psychotic rant or a Master&#39;s Thesis. Except the part where the CIA took your chickens and poked a hole in the pond liner. Classic CIA scare tactics. Obviously none of this stuff happens for other reasons.

  3. I have read this once I had no problem understanding her. If you do not know what she is talking about its because you are missing information to thing she has said. Just to make this up is like wow amazing information for me just writing this could place me in her shoes,remember in 1956 movie Forbidden Planet its sorta like that exept there also forgetting &quot;Monsters from the id!

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