Men In Black – Full Documentary

Watch this interesting documentary about men in black recommended by the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

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  1. This is one of the creepiest UFO and alien documentaries I&#39;ve ever seen. And I&#39;m glad it isn&#39;t a result of an American production, but it&#39;s Russian – a lot of new paranormal stuff here!<br /><br />Thank you for publishing this video!

  2. the russians are up front regarding the ufo phenomona .the little lad found alone in the wilds had amazing powers could levitate bring animals back to life that had died .then the security police took him away too interview him brilliant video very matter of fact one of the best info on ufology ive seen on ufo sightings thanks for posting this on your site engine russia on aliens men in black

  3. Lucifer uses many tricks. These &quot;things&quot; are not here to help us, but help bring in the N.W.O. for governments. This is very evil. Sickening————–

  4. For years we in the free world were told that the UFO subject was a result of media and Hollywood fictional influence. Government Officials would explain sightings over major cities by hundreds of witnesses as &quot;Mass Hysteria&quot;. Knowing that the same film and newspaper influence behind the Iron Curtain was never seen by Soviet Citizens, why would their reports come out almost identical in

  5. ive never seen such a fact filled and credible witness-filled ufo doc in all my life. i really hated the parts where the men were speaking and no documentary was not being shown though. there was more speaking than words coming up, but i enjoyed it anyways. i was blown away by those two specific alien film pieces, the one at the window and fading out was plain scary. the alien tied to the chair

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