New video of a UFO near plane on route New York – Texas 19-Dec-2012 UPDATE

UFO near jetInteresting footage of a strange bright UFO hovering near an airplane over Chicago, Illinois. This sighting was caught on video from inside commercial jet while en route from La Guardia airport in New York City to Houston, Texas on 19th December 2012.

More detailed footage

2nd January 2012 Update:

A video that was allegedly taken during a late-night flight before Christmas appears to show a UFO next to the plane. YouTube user Mauricio Ruiz posted it on the video sharing site and it has gotten the attention of several online people.

The video seems to show a group of six or eight clustered irregular-shaped lights that apparently fixed in one position. It is getting mixed conclusions ranging from a hoax to real flying saucer, from reflection inside the plane to lights on the ground.

The light cluster of the UFO does not move relative to the airplane but stays stationary in the sky. The UFO cannot be a known aircraft nearby because it flies similar speed and altitude near the plane.

Mr Ruiz moves his hand toward and around the window to show that the image is not coming from the reflection within the cabin. However, several observers think that his hand only blocks reflections coming from the left side of the window and does not block the reflections coming from above and behind, which is the location of the cabin lights.

Some also notice the disappearance of lights in the video. They say that it is because a passenger or airline attendant passed behind the cameraman and in front of the cabin light being reflected.

Mr Ruiz posted a note on his video saying that the copy of the video is already in the hands of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for further review.

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  1. Which type of aircraft? What seat number (in relation to wing)? Object appears to be stationary to the wing (a light source at bottom rear of wing ,maybe?) Anyone else on the plane get a clip or pic? I don't think it's a 'fake' but it is probably explainable.

  2. Good take, but didnt you allerted someone else in the front or back of your seat so you could have them as witness, or even someone from the crew.

  3. could that be a light at the wings end? are you sitting just after the wing? why do you keep putting your hand on the window?

  4. reason he's waving his hand on window is to let you know it is not a trick reflection of a light in the cabin but showing that it is actually outside.

  5. I have been passing through LATEST UFO sightings almost since it opened and this is one if not the most solid video I have seen anywhere! I'm impressed.

  6. those are questions you never get the ansbut its a nice never get the answer 2 but is is a nice movie looks like a ship from critter

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