A Witness in Nevada Reported UFO Sighting Toward Area 51

Submitted by: Darren Perks [Twitter]
Sighting location: Alamo, Nevada
Date: 29/09/2012 2:10pm


A contact of mine who is a local resident of Alamo, Nevada was walking near to the Windmill Ranch Hotel just outside Alamo when he spotted this sphere moving towards to west and the mountain range which you can see in the picture. Behind the mountains is Area 51 and on this particular day there had been no aircraft activity out of Nellis AFB or Groom Lake. The sun was behind the person who took this picture and you can clearly see this from the shadows on the ground in the picture. The contact did not know he had this image until he recently went through some old SD memory cards and came across it just before christmas. He contacted me immediately and we cannot find any conventional explanation for thsi sphere. He does recall seeing flashes in the sky which were also witnessed by staff from the hotel, in total 3 other persons. He cannot find any conventional explantion for this sphere and satelites and astronomical objects have been ruled out. The contact has asked me to share this image and I will respect their wishes by not naming them. None the less this is certainly a decent image and one that should certianly be shared with the public.
Area 51 UFO
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  1. Hi<br />I work out of Vegas and regulary travel up the highway through Alamo. I have seen this type of sphere in the last 3 months on various occasions during the day and night but though nothing of it until my friend pointed out this sighting. I work for the sheriffs department in Lincoln County, and I do know that we received some calls during that afternoon from people who also saw this object

  2. wow u see something like that in the sky and get just one shot of it ?…u must ve been very busy at the moment and much used at observing weird phenomenons…

  3. No way a drone, there is nothing even remotely secret that they would test like this to be fair. This is something new. The sphere does look like it ay have a shine to it&#39;s surface looking at the way the sun may be reflecting of it?

  4. An interesting case indeed.<br /><br />The image containing the &quot;sphere&quot; and included with MUFON Case #44854 had been highlighted on UFO Casebook by B.J. Booth for his 3rd January 2013 listings.<br />As always with MUFON or NUFORC reports highlighted on UFO Casebook, I proceeded to look at the original submission.<br /><br />I then did a quick Google search to see if this event had been

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