Unknown lights over Helsinki, Finland – February 2013

unknown lights
Latest UFO sightings – New video of a bright unidentified flying objects hovering in the night sky above Helsinki in Finland. This was seen and recorded this month – in February 2013.

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  1. its our friend that triangular craft must be new type of military craft made from alien technology massive ship & some size good video finland .

  2. I&#39;m pretty sure that&#39;s not Helsinki. <br /><br />And if it somehow is, at least the video wasn&#39;t recorded this february, as there is no snow.

  3. I have always been blessed with a curious nature &amp; finding things out for myself,as opposed to &quot;taking someones word&quot; on topics that interest me.Extraterrestrials &amp; UFO&#39;s have been of interest,having seen a couple of UFO&#39;s as a teen,in 1973.Many skeptics say,&quot;Show me the PROOF!&quot; I believe that there is evidence,that to me anyway,is beyond denial.With more

  4. Thanks very much, I have noticed much more happening lately, I get many ORBS, around my area, mainly blue centres with gold on the edges of them and beautifully round, perfect shape….Allanah Stanhope

  5. They have DoubleTree Hotels in Helsinki? That&#39;s what the sign to the lower right says! Hmmm… anyway – these are the same type of lights we saw south of Syracuse NY @ 1:18 am on 1/1/13. Mind you, drones are flown out of/controlled from Syracuse&#39;s Hanextraterrestrials Airport, so that is what I&#39;m now guessing I saw that night.<br /><br />http://niagaracounty.wgrz.com/news/news/

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