Aliens: The Definitive Guide S01E02

Aliens: The Definitive Guide – How to Prepare
Science Channel, Season 1, Episode 2
26th March 2013

Examining how humans might prepare for potential alien encounters.

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  1. very entertaining…but we, my friends, are the descendants of aliens…marooned on this planet EONS AGO..we aren't even sure where we are from anymore..I've been sending messages in a psychic bottle for years…hoping that a mother ship or lone intergalactic transporter would receive my SOS…HELP STUCK ON EARTH..NEED A LIFT HOME…SEND COLLECTION POD

  2. I can't stand shows like this one where they compare how the Aliens would do this and that based on "OUR" level of technology. Why even waste anyone's time with this BS. Do you really think they would use their Whole life time to just travel to see us, but no, I mean fly around and not communicate with the earth in a Whole but just visit a few humans… ah ya, that was

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