Mysterious Lights Over Phoenix After Sixteen Years

Phoenix – Thousands of people spotted strange lights over the Valley on March 13, 1997. After sixteen years, the known UFO sighting or phenomenon still left unsolved.
Dr. Lynne Kitei devoted her time studying the event for many years. She recalled that most people spotted strange lights in a V formation flying at rooftop level. She depicted that the formation of lights was a mile to two-mile wide. She continued that some said they saw a craft while others said they spotted orbs detach from the main environment.
Kitei said that it is surprising that after 16 years, the known UFO sighting is still not solved. On initial reports, Luke Air Force Base said that military planes or aircraft have nothing to do with the unusual lights. However, this story was changed about a month after the incident.
The flare theory surfaced with explanation that the Phoenix Lights were actually caused by a military exercise.
However, just recently Kitei claimed to obtain documents dated May 1, 1997 indicating that the Luke Air force Base had no relation to mysterious lights over Phoenix.
Kitei has been doing research about the mass sighting for the last 16 years. Together with other experts, she tours in many areas to show the “Phoenix Lights Documentary.”

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  1. I can't believe that people are still looking for some kind of confirmation. Yes, extraterrestrials exist and we are not alone in the universe! Just look at the footage that leaked from NASA, disclosures made by people who worked at area 51, Sumerian artefacts etc.

  2. either new military black book craft or alien mothership people are still unconvinced aliens are true in denial daily as it would blow there minds if governments were too come clean on the ufo phenomenon we.d have mass suicides panic chaos world collapse etc best letting things be as they are let people live in there ignorance while the believers keep watch investigating sighting videoing

  3. Can't believe we're still debating about whether there was an alien craft in Arizona all those years ago! Most people still focus on those lights over Phoenix, when a solid, triangle craft was clearly seen by hundreds of people traveling nearly the entire length of the state on a southeast path. And there's FAA records on that.

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