Possible TR-3B UFO sighting over Toronto, Canada 20-Mar-2013

tr-3bThis interesting night time video of a triangle-shaped UFO hovering in the sky above Toronto in Canada was recorded on Wednesday, 20th March 2013.

Witness report: On 20/03/2013 at 9:30pm while in my back yard I noticed some strange lights in the sky. And caught them on video I called this a UFO Secret military craft because after doing some research and talking to people at the air base I came to I realized that these lights are the same configuration as the American secret military craft known as the TRB9. They told me the Canadian Military doesn’t own anything like this.

Author (philysteak @ youtube)

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  1. of course they're going to tell you that, because everything in the governments is hidden from the population, us "little folk". but this looks like a jet, till it turns sideways and we can see it's triangular in form! it looks man-made, with it's flashing lights.

  2. ive been disputing these craft all along as military new type of triangular ufos u name them tr 3b or another number but i conclude ur findings are probably correct friend power to ur astute videoing keep it going .

  3. Wow!That is crazy looking…If it is a military secrete craft,then it still unusual looking light configuration…I think u did a awesome job videoing it… I know if i had seen it,i would think i was videoing a strange looking craft.So to me,Military or not,its a UFO to me..lol.Because I don't have a answer of what it is…Thanks for posting it…

  4. My boyfriend and I saw the same thing a year ago. We live closer to the Trenton Airforce Base. I felt it was very plane like, but it was NOT a plane! It creeped me out so much when my boyfriend took forever to get his camera…I had to go in the house! The lights we big, bright, and pixilated. It had a sound like a very distant airplane sound, but it was huge and felt close, so the sound

  5. Of course NATO is going to tell this guy who's got what in classified projects. He's published on a crackpot UFO site.

  6. I seen a triangler object about 500 ft.from me it stood still no sound at all!it had 3 big bright lights on each side no writeings on the object,no trains or cars going by and i lived near a very active railroad and highway when i seen the object as though time stood still i kid you not!, the next day i notice a triangler shape resembling the ufo on my right wrist,but as i turn my head for a

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