Two linked UFOs filmed over Buenos Aires, Argentina – 2013

unknown lightsUFO sightings – Compilation of six videos showing two unidentified flying objects flying across the night sky over Buenos Aires in Argentina.

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    • Amen on the useless two lights….lol.When I see a video of supposedly UFOs,I want some action!All kinds of different colored lights flickering,pulsing,shinning,etc…..Making turns and moving around so that you no you are seeing something unusual, that we are not capable of having on this earth at this time, that we no of.I do know all cant be wild looking or exciting,but come on…lol.Im not

  1. 2 stars man shocking video 2006 7 years ago lol this is the ufo sight man musics never 80s more 12 century plantagenets lute type session .

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