UFO caught on tape over Nashville, Tennessee 6-Mar-2013

Tennessee paranormalLatest UFO sightings – Our reared just sent us this interesting footage of unknown lights hovering in the night sky above Nashville in Tennessee. This video was recorded on Wednesday, 6th March 2013.

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  1. hovering? really? if this light is hovering, why does the cameraman keep quickly shifting to the right all the time? looks to me like the light is slowly moving toward the left. and it sure does look like a jet with it's landing lights on.

    • I completely agree. That could be anything. And your right, its not hovering. Its slowly moving to the left. Waste of time.

  2. not the best camera work. does anyone read your descriptions before they go up? stop using spell check and just read it out loud first.

  3. I agree with every comment so far, it&#39;s not hovering at all.<br />Please don&#39;t take this the wrong way but I&#39;ve noticed over the past few weeks that the quality of the items you circulate on here and the spelling and grammar have become atrocious ? It&#39;s as though it&#39;s all done in a rush. If you have nothing of interest to report, please don&#39;t fill the site with garbage !

  4. This is a drone UAV, I have tons of these kind of vids and have been drone hunting for 3 yrs now. Check my youtube channel for more vids like this, dronehuntersus

  5. Looks like something Scott Warring would post? At least you do not make up stupid story to make it seem more ET! UFO yes, ET no!

  6. I just reported one from the 8 th of this month in Portland tn about 45 minutes north of Nashville. 2nd time in 6 months I’ve seen these cool guys. I have the video on youtube

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