UFO caught over Sakurajima volcano, Japan 15-Mar-2013

This huge solid UFO was caught in live webcam from Sakurajima, an active composite volcano and a former island in Kagoshima Prefecture in Kyūshū, Japan on Friday, 15th March 2013.

Camera link:

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  1. how ridiculous! i was looking to see if anything, anything at all was moving to prove this was a live shot. no clock with numbers counting to speak of, no trees or bushes moving or cars going by.how in the world can they prove this is a live webcam shot? and, if you look to the left of the mountain there's another, more faded dot "hovering". that solid object could be anything

  2. ok guys, that's just classic sensor dust, the spots r two actually, giv a good clean to the sensor of your camera…can t believe now people r posting pics with sensor dust as ufo..ha ha

  3. If you look closely you can see three objects. Looks like the camera is spotted by rain or mud. I have had this happen to my camera, and it looks like a solid object. So I am not sure what I would say these orbs or whatever are. I don't think they are UFOs.

  4. There is also a &#39;blob&#39; to the left of the photo, not quite as distinct. could it be dirt on the camera? Was it taken through a car wind shield?<br />I&#39;m not convinced.

  5. it was a prerehearsed model paper cardboard papier mache ball on a long slender rod erased from view by photographer nice try fake as a cake sir .

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