UFO or just a helicopter at papal election? 13-Mar-2013

Interesting footage of a bright unidentified flying object flying over Vatican just after the new pope was elected yesterday. 
What do you think this object was? A UFO or just some kind of helicopter or a drone? Please leave your comments below!

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  1. When I watch CNN yesterday I saw some fast flying objects around ca. 16.30. from the right to the left over the chapel.<br />But I don&#39;t know if there&#39;s an archive of CNN-images. It was when the rain finally stopped and the images were more bright. Than I saw two things flying over.

  2. the bright light was not the &quot;object of interest&quot; there are some interesting sightings in Italy but none have made it here yet.

  3. If you can&#39;t classify it..ie airplane, helicopter, whatever it is unidentified, if its flying UF…object UFO. Not everything is a spacecraft, If you saw a spacecraft then you identified it….right….so then say , I saw a ball of light or I saw a sandwich and the pope was riding on it…whatever.

  4. O que eu não acredito é que seres evoluídos dariam importância à essa eleição. Lavagem de dinheiro, pedofilia, pompa inútil, ritos infantis (comer o corpo e beber o sangue), arrogância, disputa de poder e por aí a fora.<br />Só se derem importância ao poder que o vaticano tem sobre os crédulos, os numerosos e incansáveis rezadores de aves marias e pais nossos. Imaginem a paciência que Maria e o

  5. The video was to short it appeared in the last second around 0:49 of the clip, you can see the orb of light divide into 2 or more separate lights.

  6. Considering it was an historical moment, and was being covered by media all over the world, chances are….Helicopter.

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