UFO recorded from a plane over Virginia 18-Mar-2013

plane UFOUFO videos – New daytime footage of a bright unidentified flying object flying near an airplane over Virginia. This was recorded on Monday, 18th March 2013.

Witness report: While on a flight from Washington, D.C. to Denver Colorado I caught a UFO on video just after using “Yukon” the Caribou to focus my video camera. The UFO shows up suddenly at about 0:33 on the right, then disappears suddenly after I zoom back out. The flight was bumpy so I couldn’t keep the UFO in view when zoomed in. This would have been somewhere over Virginia, about 10 minutes after takeoff.
Auhor (IKINA WANA @ youtube)

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    • That's because he zoomed in like a billion more times. If it didn't shake, then you should be more suspicious.

  1. The person states that this was taken about 10 miles out from the airport….that being said, I would be more likely to believe what he caught was the landing lights of another aircraft. Living close to an airport, I have seen this firsthand…..at first, it does look like a ufo, and when the plane banks , the light suddenly disappears. As a firm believer in ufo's, caution needs to be the

  2. I kind of agree here, However, why do UFO&#39;s always have pulsating lights or visible lights. Is this not odd to anyone? And why is red or orange always a colour to be noticed? If they want to be noticed, why don&#39;t they just get down here and say &#39;Hi&#39;, or eat someone. <br />The one I have seen and had witnessed, had no lights, no noise and was simply an orb in what looked like

  3. if the the flight was &quot;bumpy&quot;, then why are the only frames of the footage shaky? i dont know about you guys, but the camera person&#39;s hands seem quite steady, as does the flight itself.

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