UFO Sighting Over Sullivan County Airport

A UFO sighting which happened around 5:30 PM on March 4, 2013 was reported to MUFON by an Indiana witness at Sullivan.

The sighting took place of where the witness come from. The witness was in a fast food restaurant with low flying prop airplane nearby. Most airplanes in the place are flying under 20 feet towards nearby Sullivan County Airport. Then out of the blue, the witness spotted a strange object.

The witness saw a white glowing object flying at low altitude. It was just over a tree line and totally different from other aircraft in the area. The distance of the UFO from the observer was farther than earlier planes that had passed by.

The object was moving slow towards west and disappeared in a tree line. The sighting lasted for about 15-25 seconds, which was the reason why the witness did not manage to get his/her phone to take a video or photo.

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  1. when you submit &quot;seemingly similar&quot; pictures of what you saw–people look at image without reading and immediately call FAKE–so it does no good<br />maybe there are other images or videos that corroborate your story.

  2. These thing often fly underneath the radar , so to speak. Even when you have a camera, something seems to prevent its use. I have seen a very close UFO and had a camera. yet I was so stunned I forgot to use my camera. It&#39;s annoying.I actually think these things are messing with our minds, just look at all the Man/woman hours wasted over the past decades, trying to figure out what UFOs really

  3. Film these things in the Infra-Red. I believe you&#39;ll get some fantastic &quot;forms&quot; that cannot be seen by the human eye, as humans cannot observe them in our wave length spectrum. The Vatican has the largest binocular telescope in the world. [30 ft.] They named it the &quot;Lucifer Device&quot; and have observed some rather frightening objects, and they see then in the infra red only–

  4. These sightings often happen so quickly that they take you by surprise. Sometimes they don&#39;t photograph well as they&#39;re enveloped in some kind of haze, move away very quickly or just vanish. In my opinion, this seems real because the witness made an effort to document it.

  5. Why does it allways seem that we are the ones being observed by ufo&#39;s and other paranormal entities etc, with the technology we have night vision and infra red we should have 24 hour observation set up thats available to the general public and not just what the goverment and intelligence forces allow us to see,im sure we could all come to terms with whatever exists alongside us, we are

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