Daytime UFO over Las Vegas, Nevada 28-Dec-2012

I received this UFO report a few days ago.

Sighting location: Las Vegas, NV
Date: 12/28/12 approx. at 2pm

Las Vegas UFOReport: I’ve been having sightings since November 2010. Of the dozens of sightings I’ve had I’ve only filmed about 3 or four. And of those I’ve only posted one, so far. I was in the process of making a short documentary and was going to save it for that, but it takes a long time.

In this sighting I was looking out the back yard and something caught my eye. I knew immediately that it was worth grabbing my camera for. So I did and stepped outside and began filming what you see in the video. I have not shared this with very many people, yet. You are the first website I’m sending it to, actually, aside from posting with friends on Facebook. No one has any idea what this is. At first glance, from the ground, it kind of looks like a balloon. There is even something that appears to be a string, dangling. But upon closer inspection, this object acts like nothing I can label other than a UFO. I have seen this object before, I think. In March, 2011, I filmed something very similar in Phoenix that I hope to post soon. My theory is that this object is some sort of Orb container ship/craft. In the March video there is an orb that flies by it. There are “pod” shape contours that suggest the orbs are stored within it, perhaps. Jaime Mausson has video of similar objects that he calls Sky Serpents. He calls the orbs, “Centinels” that direct the serpents along the sky. This object looks pretty different than what he has shown, however.

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  1. enlarge or zoom would have helped, my question is was it going towards or away from 51? interesting but unusual for a scout craft.

  2. just balloons all bunched up. Seriously, in Las Vegas, I am sure a zillion things are released from that city, other than STD&#39;s, balloons of all shapes, sizes, and number break free and float away.<br />Those are not lights, just sun reflections.

    • Here! Here! I also strongly agree that we are looking at balloons! You can fully distinguish the long,intertwined ribbon hanging down in more than several frames!(Identified Floating Objects. Case closed.)

  3. I&#39;m thinking REAL, but real WHAT? I&#39;m ruling out balloons because of the obvious lights on it. It looks like the TR-3B at certain moments (Nellis AFB, home to MANY black ops aircraft over the years, is nearby), but at other moments it CAN&#39;T be. I&#39;ve lived in Vegas for 27yrs, with an eye always aimed upward, and I agree with another poster here that we use our skies for a lot of

    • I agree with you that it is definitely something, and not balloons… Due to the fact that there is obviously some sort of string at the bottom, I&#39;m not sure if it could accurately be labeled as alien without more information or footage to compare it to. Then again, who is to say that the line near the bottom is string? Could it be an antennae of some sort? It seemed to be moving at some

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