Disc-shaped UFO caught on tape over Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – April 2013

brazil ovni

UFO sightings 2013 – This strange flying saucer was hovering in the night sky above favela in Rio de Janeiro. Recorded earlier this month.

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    • Moron,<br />Have you ever been caught off guard by something you wanted to video tape? You use whatever you have to make the recording. And if the object you are wanting to record is at a far distance, the more you zoom, the shakier the footage will be.

  1. good video pity about the trembling hands filming it def a ufo over favela in rio de janeiro something of great significance is happening too our universe of a spiritual nature so many sightings of different types of alien crafts being seen worldwide daily is our earth just a stop off point too other dimensions ?or are they justspace tourists observing our messed up planet.

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