Remembering the Cosford UFO Incident

Twenty years ago, particularly on March 31, 1993 at around 1:15 am, there were several UFO sightings of a triangular shaped unidentified flying object travelling across the skies of western Britain. This event is now called as the Cosford Incident.

The sightings came across West Midlands, Cornwall and Devon but what made the big news at that time was the claim by Met Office personnel and military at both RAF Shawbury and RAF Cosford.
UFO enthusiast Nick Pope submitted a report to the MoD saying that a UFO was able to operate in the UK Air Defence Region without being observed on radar. He added that this condition could be a threat to security and recommended further investigation.

Bright lights were reportedly spotted by an MoD police patrol over RAF Cosford. The officers immediately asked the help of a meteorological officer at Shawbury to check the strange bright lights. The officer then claimed to have witnessed a large triangular craft flying at around 200 feet which made low humming noise and sent away a slim beam of light which swept the ground.
The other officers claimed to have seen two bright white lights flying at tremendous speed to the southeast which left trails of luminous vapour. Others also depicted a third light, which created an impression of a triangle-shaped object. Several UFO websites considered the UFO sightings as a major sign that alien life really exists.
Sceptics attributed the sightings to radio satellite launched by Russia into orbit on the night of March 30, 1993. They believed that the rocket booster that went into the space re-entered to Earth and broke into two or more pieces.
The computer simulation of the possible path of the fragments was consistent to the place of UFO sightings.
The meteorological officer has revealed that his sighting was an hour after the one at Cosford and now thinks that what he witnessed was a police helicopter.

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  1. thank you ,This was the best UFO account I have ever seen , I just hope more people see this , Keep looking up ,

  2. EXACTLY on this evening,31st March 1993 and almost exactly the same time, there was a mass sighting of very low flying UFOs zig-zagging all over Catalonia, Spain, which I was fortunate enough to have witnessed! All the 'official' explanations in the newspapers the next day and on TV were absolutely ludicrous. I saw an asymmetrical clustre of dull white orbs held together somehow with long

  3. real for sure, triangle in the sky. but still think the governments of the world know less that some selected humans

  4. Great report and a godd incident that is important in ufology. Well done to this witness for reporting it and carrying it on.

  5. Hahaha!<br /><br />I believe &#39;Gobshite&#39; is Darren Perks using a fake profile to plug his own faked UFO incident.<br /><br />But don&#39;t take my word for it. Look it up yourselves. Search online – Darren Perks Hoax, Darren Perks impersonation, Darren Perks Alamo Sphere, Darren Perks Wrekin Hoax and even the key word, Cosfraud.

  6. No way this guy did see something straight up. He was subject to a bit of below the belt banter from it looks like a bunch of hypocritical no gooders. I guess the letter of the law stopped them…

  7. This is the man who went underground right? Who knows what info he has now etc? I say well done to him because it seems he has pulled the wool over the eyes of those who are quick to bring him down…

  8. The weather officer at Shawbury who now works in Europe advising on the subject only says he thinks he saw a police helicopter, because he has clearly made it clear he does not want to comment further on this. Darren. Perks clearly was able to obtain contact with him when he was a in the public eye investigating the UFO subject, and gain valuable info off him. This weather officer disclosed a personal account to Perks who has kept it closely guarded and only a few people have seen the written statement and audio interview Perks did with him. There is a clear attempt here where the authorities have tried to silence key witnesses. Perks himself is now very much behind closed doors and even to the point where it is said he now works with the MoD and government on the UFO subject. His once close friend Brigitte Barclay who he confided in as to working with them, has recently spoken of her concern as to his involvement with the government and her sadness that he has decided to work behind closed doors in the shadows. Perks knows more than he lets on despite a vast campaign to ruin his name which did not work. He is one to watch and I and many others feel he is a key figure now in the UFO subject in the UK although he works with the government. Why does he and Nick Pope still have clearance to personally attend and access the vaults where MoD files are kept…

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