Strange UFO activity over Melbourne, Australia 10-Apr-2013

IR UFONew interesting footage of a unidentified flying objects in the sky above Melbourne in Australia. This was recorded on today, on Wednesday, 10th April 2013 at 1:15 pm with infrared camera.

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  1. Those were birds, possibly some kind of buzzard or hawks, it looked like a fight for territory, the other things flying around were obviously insects.

  2. those are some crazy, weird, seriously strange things over your area! as for the bird theories, never seen round disc-shaped birds before. don't you think with his cameras pinpointed on these objects you would be able to tell they were birds? when he zooms in they are not shaped like any birds i've seen!

  3. Does look like and act like life forms, unusual and hard to call, joeboken sure could be right. But could be unusual life forms.

  4. You know damm well that you have two birds on video and yet you try to fool people with your shitbag infrared video. Nice job ahole.

    • Thank you Jon. I agree. Its getting tiring watching post after post of people KNOWING what they caught was terestrial, such as aircraft on landing approach. These objects were not "round". the camera just isn't super res. You can see the flutter when they leave of wings flapping. The circling is typical thermal draft soaring done by many birds. This guy below me needs to shut

  5. Your full of yourself John, you just fear the truth. This is only one of many IR videos from this person & their are so many others. And your lousy excuse is birds.!! Your attempt at discrediting this excellent footage of unknown beings/craft falls flat, this is clear evidence of unusual behaviour high up in our atmosphere. Disclosure is gaining momentum & when guys like Dr Edgar

    • Your grammer is absolutely horrible. If you want to act tough and yell at people that have the same goal as you, but are big enough to criticize junk, and still check every day for real evidence in hope of seeing the real thing, then you got to work on yourself a little more. So you should 'sit down & listen' to your own crap before embarassing yourself.

    • I m a pro photographer, since several yrs, and shot many bif, birds in flight, any pro photographer of birds can tell u that those move exactly as two large birds, speed, movements, just perfectly as I saw many times, u can find videos of that is plenty..Jon might have been bit rude, but i guess he s right, as for my experience at least..I ve to say I m a believer, aliens r visiting our planet,

  6. I believe in UfO's. I believe everything Dr Mitchel says. I do listen but I know what two birds look like when they are flying around. Just like the commentor above said probably some hawks or other type of birds that are fighting over territory. If these are ufo's then why didnt the filmer use regular mode instead of infrared? I'll tell you why becuase then they wouldn't

  7. I wish people here wouldn't fight and insult others. everyone has their own opinions and views of different things. we should all be together on this. it's ok to disagree but please lets not insult each other.

    • I as many others I'm sure, totally agree with you, Janet, being polite costs nothing, and makes life a much better experience, I feel sorry for who doesn't get that. Ciao

  8. Sorry, I didn't mean to be so rude. I should refraim from swearing at people. I made a comment on youtube about this video being birds and my comment was removed. It really made me mad. I think it's really disturbing if people are only going to show comments that agree with them and I don't like seeing people get decieved when I know for sure this is not a UFO. I have been

  9. This person that made the video has some amazing videos on his youtube channel. Unfortunately these are just birds.

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