The Wisconsin UFO Corridor – strongest concentrations of UFO sightings in the world

Wisconsin boasts one of the strongest concentrations of UFO sightings in the world. Could these sightings be related to the startling discoveries of lost civilizations in the area, including the Adena People, whose Rock Mounds have been the subject of intense study? Shamanic energies have been detected nearby, and many believe this magic protects the sites, both above ground and underwater. Remarkable structures have been discovered under Rock Lake, including massive pyramids. The work of Man, or is something going on here not of this world?

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  1. true and not fake, I feel many cultures not of this earth have lived here. hope most do not think we were the first or for that matter American Indians. what a place to hide from the European and African savages.

  2. i have an open mind on these underwater structures wheres these great archaeologists they should be searching i believe they have found a type of structure hope it is a genuine find .they should be more higher up from government sciences to validate these findings a lot is speculation peoples own theories could be a ufo hotspot these are all over our world every country has a hotspot. could be

  3. I can only tell you this, I moved from WI to MO in 1998, in 2010 I began having night time sightings / experiences which I began photgraphing and videoing in 2013. In 2015 I moved back to WI and have since July 2015 had many daytime captures on my lil powershot camera. I hear a ‘jet-like’ (louder deeper often) roar, which does not cross the sky but seems to circle my location (sometimes they’ve even dived low enough to shake the house), going outside I point my camera in the direction of the sounds heard, and begin snapping pictures. In a series of say twenty pictures, I might capture 1 or 2 pics with craft but, its guesswork aiming too, because nothing is ever, seen. I have caught a few pictures with multiple craft (up to 6) but, they always seem to vanish from the next pic in the series, they are very fast and usually very high in altitude. All in all, between the Missouri pics and the Wisconsin pictures, I have more than 500 UAP pictures I am sure in my collection. I had UFO investigator Bill Wickersham, from the University of Missouri – Columbia review my pictures and videos in early 2015, he was very impressed, as am I. These ‘heavenly craft’ of countless types WANT TO BE DISCLOSED, I feel certain, which is why they continue to make a point seemingly, of getting their picture taken by me. Otherwise I have no explanation for the large number of UFO/UAP craft pics I have taken. They continue to amaze me, in the last month 10/2016 I have photographed at least 6-8 different types of craft. These cannot all, be military, or some quasi governmental corporate secret space program I feel, because they roar around, often, the moment I walk outside, as if they somehow ‘know’ I will be there to capture their picture, it is unlikely therefore, that the military or other human entity, would waste its time doing this. Honestly, I cannot explain it but, I know this, the sightings going from night time to daylight after moving to WI seems to indicate something, what, though, I cannot guess but, they are certainly in the skies over the north woods, that is certain, and often. I capture these pics, several times a month, an average of weekly. Feel free to see @tyea99 on twitter for more. No, this is not a hoax, or joke, I swear it to be true, I really have shot some #500 UFO/UAP pictures since 2013, and have been screaming at the top of the web about this yes, ever since then.
    They are real, they are there, all you have to do, to see them too, is accept it, as real.

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