British Columbia Experiences Increase in UFO Sightings

More British Columbians are coming out to report their UFO sightings than ever before, according to newly released data by the B.C. Stats. In 2012, 399 UFO sightings were reported while only 216 a year before and 204 in 2010.
The increase is in line with an overall increase in Canada, which almost doubled its number of UFO sightings within the 12-month period. The country has a total of 1, 981 UFO sightings in 2012 while only 986 a year before. The former national record was registered in 2008 with 1,004 reported sightings.
UFO expert from B.C. Richard Tortorella noted that the increase in numbers does not necessarily indicate that there is an increase in activity but rather an increase in misidentification of usual terrestrial objects.
He said that among the popular causes of misidentification are paper lanterns or Chinese lanterns because they are usually release in groups and sometimes look like they are hovering in formation. He added that other objects that usually misidentified as UFOs are drones or quad-copters.
While Tortorella does not think that the number of actual UFO sightings is increasing, he is pleased to know that many people now are enjoying outdoor activities.
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