Flying saucer hovering above Brazil, 2013

Interesting daytime video of a disc-shaped UFO hovering in the sky above Brazil. The exact date of recording is unknown.

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    • how are they to drive through the jungle first of all, lol., and second that lady sounded kinda scared when the object was headed there way ………………

  1. Janet, not everyone is as brave as you apparently… Dont be so quick to judge the realness of something because you would have done something differently… Your being like all the other trolls.<br />

    • Your the Troll, no need for a reply like that, its a balloon and we all know it!!<br />It is not REAL there is no REALNESS, just a set up filming of a set up balloon.

    • i never said anything about it being real or having realness. think you got your responses mixed up. anyways, there was nothing wrong with my reply, lets just all drop it. you don&#39;t need to call people names like troll, which makes zero sense at a site like this. just drop it, it&#39;s not worth arguing. people see what they like and will say anything. you think it&#39;s a balloon which

    • Sorry Janet my reply of 9:08 PM May 15, 2013 was not for you but for SP 12:41 May 15 my replay for some reason posted after yours, you were OK ,read SP (he/she) said realness and called you the troll you were right nothing wrong with your reply ,This UFO stuff is not that inportant, its just fun, right!

  2. I agree about filming more, but… &quot;driving over there&quot;?! did you notice it&#39;s in the middle of a jungle? As most roads in Brazil, it crosses a forest.

  3. Well,i said it before and I will say it again…These are supposly UFOS.So I believe that none of us are what you call experts on the subject and term UFO.I no you have heard the saying!!!Opinions are like A**Holes,everybody has one…lol.So don&#39;t be to fast to shoot down somebodys video…I believe giving respect to others.Plus the citizens who shot this video was seeing something that

  4. It is not like a forest… this is from south brazil, by the kind of the trees… Here it is normal this kind of trees around a small city … or even a big one.

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