Flying saucer over Brazil? 29-May-2013

Brasil OVNIThis interesting disc-shaped object was hovering in the night sky above Brasil. It was recorded today, on 29th May 2013.
What do you think this is? Please leave your comments below!

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  1. It is a camping light. I´ve don a similar photo with my lamp although mine is better. A lot of small led lights in a cirkular arrangement

  2. that MAY be a blimp, although no flashing lights are on it. i know you tried so hard to zoom in on it but it sort of made it hard to follow. was it stationary?

  3. My wife and I saw this exact same thing over central North Carolina in 1978. It looked just like this video…..only difference is as we watched it the individual lights eventually moved out from the cental disc and sent lights out in every direction. We watched as one light went directly over our heads…no noise, no flashing lights..just a steady light moving south. It brought back many

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