Interesting video of daytime UFOs over Los Angeles, CA 18-May-2013

Really amazing UFO video was recorded at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles, California on Saturday, 18th May 2013.
What do you think these unknown objects or orbs were? Please leave your comment below!

Witness report: This was footage shot at MacArthur Park in Downtown Los Angeles. You will see the UFOs making a triangular formation in the daytime sky. They way these objects move you can tell they are not balloons or anything else. Take a look. Thanks Robert Bingham for having this and other events like it. Photographed by John Graf and edited by Chris Toussaint.

Author (John Graf @ youtube)


UFO Summoning in Los Angeles, California

Can you believe if somebody will tell you that he can summon extra-terrestrials? Robert Bingham appears to be claiming that he can do it. He is known by UFO enthusiasts as the man who has the ability to summon UFOs. His most recent summon demonstrated mysterious objects that were in triangular formations.

On May 18, 2013 in Los Angeles, California, Bingham invited sceptics to witness one of his summoning event. The event, which was attended by hundreds of people, showed an apparent three UFOs that gathered in the sky. The sighting, as expected, drew mixed reactions. Some were disappointed and some were amazed. Those disappointed spectators believe that the UFOs were only balloons or man-made objects.

Several observers videotaped the claimed UFO summoning and one of them was John Graf who posted his video to YouTube. In his descriptions in the video he informs that the footage was taken at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles.

The summoning was reportedly part of a documentary on Bingham done by BBC. Bingham told the public that he can communicate with extra-terrestrials and he knows that they are on Earth to guide humans into the future.

One comment in the video saying that the UFOs were mere coloured balloons. The one who made this comment claims that he was there during the event and he was disappointed on what he witnessed. He says that the event was just a reality show that has no reality to it, just like the rest. He claims that he already seen spacecraft and that he knows what it looks like.

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  1. since aliens have been visiting earth, "or lived upon earth" since the beginning of recorded history, (ex. egyptian hieroglyphics) i don't think they have helped us into the future, but have been observing human populations and how we are destroying the planet. if they wanted to help us they probably, most likely would have by now. it's nice to be so positive, and i'm all

    • Janet, I don't think they ever planned on helping us. The earliest writings from Sumeria show that they may have messed with our DNA to make us more obedient workers. Studies indicate that the Reptilians think they actually own this planet. I believe the Grays answer to them as souless obedient workers and that the Reptilians plan on our becoming as the Grays, all bowing to them. They believe


    • yes, the triangles mean something to them…specifically the Reptilians. It represents them in some way. They are totally into icons, symbols, ritualism, positions of stars, etc. That's why you see their structures are all designed to be lined up with things they consider sacred, specific timings, iconic writing (both maya and egypt). One shouldn't consider them to be benevolent. We are

    • oh, dear, no…they are not. They are the ones creating the "dark days" all the while using media to convince us that we can't help ourselves, that we are doomed, so that when they show themselves "as friends" we will gladly welcome them. They are here for themselves and themselves alone. The Reptilians and their subservient workers, the Grays, find us a bunch of hairy

    • You only have one part wrong, the Grays aren't subservient to the Reptilians (from Beta Reticuli), they are partners. In the ancient days of the Sumarians, these two races were at war for the resources of Earth which eventually came to a peace agreement and working together, an even split was negotiated. These beings have been in touch with certain people throughout history, and they are also

    • I agree!<br /><br />We must be skeptical of forces and beings greater than us.<br /><br />Ask any indigenous people how that works out.<br /><br />We don&#39;t need anyone&#39;s &quot;help,&quot; as a race we need to GROW UP and stop playing King Of The Hill with people&#39;s lives to benefit an elite few.

  3. I hope that I live long enough to witness the first face to face contact with any of these beings. This type of demonstration, in broad daylight over Los Angeles California is incredible. My imagination is running wild, thinking about the wealth of knowledge that is inside of those orbs. I am caveman.

  4. No doubt they are back again…Just noticed they are cloaking off and on again repeatedly in this vid…Also they are in this repeated tandom tri formation as if they are locked some how or possibly is there something in side the lights that we are unable to see<br />

  5. It doesn&#39;t appear to me that they are &quot;cloaking and uncloaking&quot; to me it looks like objects filmed from a distance going in and out of focus, giving the illusion of disappearing and reappearing.<br /><br />Also, they do go into a triangle shape, but never stay there.<br /><br />I&#39;m betting several weather balloons, maybe strung together, let off somewhere down wind from the

    • Ok…I respect your opinion, however please understand that I have an extensive backgroud in aviation and investigation. I have seen just about everything in the skies that we have put up there and the things that we have not. I have seen balloons and lanterns in flight and there can be no confusion to the fact that these objects are neither… I have investigated a vast series of this type of

    • I respect your background in aviation, but how is it we can photograph objects on the ground from satellites with incredible clarity, but can&#39;t seem to get a decent shot of a dad-gum UFO? <br /><br />Why is that? My guess is camera phones are intended to take portraits and landscapes — no detail in faraway objects. <br /><br />Professional photogs with the right gear are either uninterested

  6. as a hindu monk 57 years study Sanskrit and many old hindu books,yes we are on a middle planet there are called higher ones were more advanced beings live they watch us to see how we are advancing they were told not to help us in any way but there are bad aliens that could hurt us if the higher ones do not help so we must be carefull and alert at all times

  7. &quot;Bingham told the public that he can communicate with extra-terrestrials and he knows that they are on Earth to guide humans into the future.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;That the course of destiny may be altered by individuals no wise evolutionist ought to doubt. Everything for him has small beginnings, has a bud which may be &quot;nipped,&quot; and nipped by a feeble force. Human races and

  8. The thing i notice is how the middle object is a locus for the other two. which albiet staying at moderate distances and what not, i notice that one to the right seems to quickly attempt to stay within a distance average. this means that the middle one is connected to the ground , the other two are loosely connected to the center one and the distance varies according to wind and drag. i am sorry

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