Photojournalist Captures UFO Across the Skies of Montenegro on Camera

On May 9, 2013, a UFO was sighted in the sky of Podgorica, capital city of Montenegro in southern Europe.
The event happened at around 9 PM and was apparently witnessed by many editors of Vijesti news magazine. Zoran Djuric, the magazine’s photojournalist, managed to capture photos of the UFO with his camera.
News website InSerbia also reported that the very bright UFO changed speed, direction, size and shape. Meanwhile, astronomer Igor Dajkovic rejected the idea of atmospheric phenomena. Dajkovic stated that these phenomena usually defined as ball lighting by meteorologists but this term is also not define well and such thing serves for different interpretations. He added that interpretations of such phenomena range from something that has the ability to hover in place, fly near the ground or move forward and backward. However, meteorologist Dusan Pavicevic said that this UFO was not a ball lighting.
InSerbia reported that the SMATSA has not responded when they contacted them to ask information if there was any flying object at the time of sighting.
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  1. cool. no not ball lightning. i've seen the phenomenon of ball lightning and it is very very awesome, but you need the storm around. this sky looks clear. ball lightning is also white or blue, i don't think orange like this.

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