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Your UFO reports: 11th May – 18th May 2013
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Ireland, Co. Wexford, Roslair – 19/05/2013
Hi, I was walking along the beach with my lady and we both looked up and saw 14-18 what seemed to be stars until we saw strange activity and quite serious movement in these ‘stars’. Me being the first to notice just as we had sat down on the sand was these lights in almost descrete movements like satelites then as we watched one move upwards and in our airspace at plane coming into land level we saw two move into a traingle position. This confirmed to me that this is really happenening as I have seen weird goings on before up in northern Ireland and thought of military spy plans but in lethal movements to be advanced and may be in testing and still this may be fact as to what is going on right now… more arrived as if the three in triangular shape was sending information to the ‘others’ to move inland like drones or hives like we see in the film The Matrix. I am truely a believer as I’ve ever been a sceptic child but I am 27 now and this really has to be taking the biscuit for what we saw the other night… What the F**k is governments doing are they spying giving us ‘The Fear’with all these propeganda movies and war threats while creating mosquito’s to fly in and take DNA samples while sending these drones in to carry them as I’ve woke up with bites plus a new kind of spot on my neck yet to be explained. Is Ireland a new testing ground for an experiment yes I very much think so… but If we are being visited and governments are slowly drip feeding us information why don’t they just get on with it and say… Here there’s Aliens because blatenly we are seeing shit too close for comfort so fuck off! Will get footage next time as its going on down here frequently I believe after speaking with friends etc

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Orange County, CA, USA – 05/19/2013 9:19pm local time
6 to 7 orangish objects clearly visible in the sky. Hovered for 5 minutes and one by one seem to have exited the atmosphere in an orderly fashion.

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – May 16
This is a report by CTV news
The sights increased in this province
They interview me for half an hour
And they cut very important things I say
At least they start to she to the public

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Milford, Va – 15 May 2013 approx 1PM
While mowing field noticed two objects high in the clear western sky. Thought them to be airplanes heading in to Dulles Int’l but one was following the other too close for that. I stopped the tractor and looked back up but the things were gone. They were bright silver and heading slowly (I assume) in a N direction. I watched the sky for another 5 minutes but never saw them again.

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Emsworth, UK – 15/05/13 23:05
i was stood outside looking up at the stars when i saw 3 faint lights flying through the plough they were in no formation 2 of them were one infront of the other and the 3rd overtook them at great speed not flashing or fading like planes or satelites, any one else see this

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Glasgow, UK – 14/05/13, 01.35 gmt
four objects travelling 20 secs apart, high in atmosphere, 30,ooo feet approx, south to north. thought at first satellite, though, some where not travelling in a straight line, and too close together. all same size and illuminated to a slight degree. i would guess they travelled at a speed roughly twice the speed of an airliner, but higher.

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Central, LA (Baton Rouge) – May 13, 2013 9:14PM
I left my house to run to the store to grab a pack of cigarettes. I backed out of my driveway and started driving East. As soon as I started driving I looked up and saw three red circular lights in the formation of a triangle in the sky right in front of me. I grabbed my phone and called my husband to come outside, at this time I was about 4 houses down the street. He looked in my direction and saw it too. The triangle looked very large and close, but there was not a sound. All three kept their formation and slowly moved across the sky north. The bottom right light faded away and the other two kept moving across the sky, then the bottom left light faded away, which left the last light moving across the sky, then that one disappeared, and that was it! It was gone! We watched for maybe 2-3 minutes. I tried to take a picture but of course my iPhone would not focus! I am so disappointed that I could not get a pic. This was a once in a lifetime thing to see and I have nothing to show for it, except my story. I am hoping that someone got a picture and that my husband and I are not the only ones to have seen it.

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Mt Carmal cemetery, Verona, PA – 5/13/i3 10 am
I was at my Brothers burial and saw a beautiful cloud with a silver lining and so I photographed it. I did not see the brightly colored orbs until I viewed the photo on my computer…. Any Ideas ??
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Strange objects over Brandon, Fl – 5/13/13
Hello, I took this picture of jet trails about a month ago over Brandon, Florida around 7:20 PM. I never noticed the strange objects in the picture until going through my phone images last night 5/13/13…I took this pic outside of the passenger window so I don’t believe it is a reflection. There are 2 objects…zoom in above the shortest elect pole at what looks like a small bright light, it is actually 4 lights. Directly above that toward the right is another smaller or farther away disc like object and then…above that, some strange greenish large rectangle in the sky. The clouds appear to be affected by the objects as there are shadows and trail like structures. I have no idea what this is and I did not see it at the time the photo was taken. I have not manipulated this image in any way. Please let me know what you think…thanks!

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Haikou, Hainan, China – 13 May 2013
there was a flying saucer , flying upwards , light shining ascending upwards , was for about 10 seconds and disappeared saw it fro the sports ground in our campus – Hainan Medical University , Xueyuan Road , Haikou ,Hainan , China

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Chicago U.S – 12/05/2013
Could these be relating to yesterdays post? Man records armada of white UFO’s High in the skies over Chicago: Stating: pulled over when we saw some strange lights in the sky. cant see much in the video– its our cell phone, the lights looked light laterns, they were yellow and red. then disapeared. they werent planes… didnt move like planes

Youtube video link:

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Mountain, WI – April 28, 2013 4-5pm
We noticed on a video we were making with a Go Pro camera. I run a offroad race series and we were recording the race course to promote the upcoming race on May 4 and 5, 2013. You can see the video on my website at Go to the videos tab in the menu and then go to the 2013 videos, there is only one which is for Mountain, WI. If you look in the upper left portion of the video you will see the object which appears about 6 times throughout the video. Let me know what you think it is

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Hampton, NH – Sat. Aug.4,2012 10pm
while driving along Hampton Beach in New Hampshire, my friend and I saw three reddish orbs in the sky, then three or four more came into view. Stopped the car, stepped out and watched them (each the same distance apart from one another, in a row) slowly move across the sky and upward until they disappeared. Reported this the next day to a govt site online. Never believed in UFO’s till I witnessed this.

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Memphis – june 4 2012
I was by raleigh egypt high school and me and i no twenty people saw aleast twenty to thirty golden like orbs or fleet of something like a hundred feet aboved us now im a regular person i dont give a dam about this stuff but it scared me so who ever this get to hey we can go to ths witnesses

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Cosenza, Italy – 29 September 2011
an extraordinary night flotillas of ufos was observed on Cosenza, Italy. Some people have filmed some strange objects. They have informed the UFO Center Mediterranean (CUFOM), whose president, dr. Angelo Carannante, received the video on the official website of the email,, and alerted the specialists. The images’ analyst of CUFOM has analyzed the video. The origin of the objects cannot be explained by natural phenomenons or by human activities. On the official channel, CUFOMCHANNEL, at youtube link, you can find a video trailer for this interesting UFO sighting. Updated news and information about the results of the investigation will be given as soon as possible.

The President of the UFO Mediterranean (CUFOM)
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Lake Manawa, Iowa – November 1987, 0030
While stargazing, my friend and I saw an orange light moving from east to west at approximately the rate and altitude that a jet would fly normally. The object was unremarkable in any way until it abruptly stopped cold in the sky. The object held that position for a short period of time, perhaps 30 seconds. The object moved laterally to the north about 5 degrees and shot out of view to the west at a very fast rate. No sound was perceptible.

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  1. john: those are sun reflections in the lens of your camera. Marcia: that is reflections on the windshield coming from inside your car. it is unbelievable what people take as ufos. not sure if they really want to believe or are seeing things so strange yet so common and explanatory that they just don't know. i'll never put them down.

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