Triangle UFO filmed over Antwerp, Belgium? 29-Apr-2013

I just received this UFO report:
Submitted by: Peter 
Sighting location: Antwerp, Belgium
Date: April 29th 2013 around 5:30h in the morning
Report: I was watching this “object” for about 5 minutes while i was smoking a cigaret out of my window. It already looked supsicious to me cause it was the only “star” left and it was hanging really low.
As i was about to close my window it suddenly started moving slowly towards my left. I grabbed my camera (small photocamera) and started recording. In the second part of the video i have zoomed in on it, slowed it down and stabilised the video. in the middle part of the video i let you see the view in daytime so you have an idea of how far the object was.

I filmed this one myself.

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  1. i think what you saw was a hovering helicopter and then we see the aircraft lights on it. i really don't think ufos have flashing lights like that.

  2. where do you see a triangle? what is with these blurry films over and over again? Until someone really gets a clear shot or digital film, looks to me like any other blurry catch. I don't see anything that would represent a UFO at all. Waste of time as usual!

  3. Maybe the person who commented above me could be nice about it. 😉 Sorry the internet wastes your time and you had a bad day or your relationship sucks. If you were nice you could post who you are and people would actually like you! Don't be a whiner. It's not attractive.

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