VIDEO: UFO filmed over Longview, Texas 3-May-2013

texas ufoUFO videos – New footage of a strange unidentified flying object hovering in the sky above Longview in Texas. This was recorded on Friday, 3rd May 2013.

Witness report: Shortly after a friend of mine arrived, so did the mantas as well. We both watched these craft slowly fly over and display there amber colored lights.

Author (EastTexasUFOs @ youtube)

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    • I am not saying this is a ufo, but don't you think there is intelligent life out in the universe that can also have blinking lights in order to disguise itself?

    • I have personally had a daylight sighting where a white oval then triangular UFO "sprouted" wings and took on the appearance of an aircraft.

  1. All of you writing comments such as &quot;military craft&quot;, <br />&quot;UFO&#39;s don&#39;t have blinking green and red lights&quot;, etc<br />should really read and watch a bit more of UFO videos and documentaries. Everyone that knows a bit about UFO&#39;s today know this is as real as it gets.<br />Go East Texas!!! 😉

    • sorry, but what u thinking when u looking at something..from your words looks like u see just what u d wish to see..listen, ufo r real, but keeping your attitude doesn&#39;t help who s seriously investigating the it ?

    • I agree with the first comment. You obviously have not watched many Ufo documentaries. And someone like you, with such a hateful attitude, needs to keep your ignorant thoughts to yourself.

  2. when one sees a blinking light in the sky, especially one with sequential lights, you can be sure it is of this earth and man made. this light is just so very sure to be a jet.

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