2013 crop circles: Yatesbury in Wiltshire, UK 21-Jun-2013

Another crop circle formation was found in Wiltshire, UK. This one in Yatesbury near Calne on Friday, 21st June 2013.

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  1. Can't make my mind up as to whether these things are faked or not. Would have to see one actually being made, one way or another. But very interesting all the same

    • hi iceni. there are books on crop circles and all the facts and fictions on them. i have read a few, and apparently crop circles are made by ET's. they proved man could not make them without breaking the stalks of grasses. every crop circle has been blown into it's shape by whirlwind from a craft that hovers, hums and does it all in one nite, no matter how intricate the shapes are.

  2. these crop circles are coming in waves all of a sudden. we shouldn't dismiss this. a realization is trying to be taught to us.

  3. This one looks to simple and sloppy, a crop circle maker in training? I don't dismiss all crop circles of being man made, but this one is suspect.

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