A Politician Claims To Have Sex Sessions With Aliens Inside A UFO That Orbits Earth

Sex sessions between Labour politician and alien four times a year in a UFO that is orbiting the Earth resulted to a child named Zarka. This is the claim made by Simon Parkes of Whitby Town Council saying that he has extra-terrestrial mistress. He named her the Cat Queen.

The story of 53-year-old Parkes, who is a driving instructor from North Yorkshire, was featured on a local channel documentary titled “Confessions of An Alien Abductee.” Parkes talked about his meetings with extra-terrestrial lover in Channel 4 documentary.

Parkes said that he is taken up to a UFO orbiting the Earth by his alien mistress. They do this by holding the hands of his ET mistress. After saying he is ready to be taken up to a UFO, he then undergoes some alien technology that even him can’t figure out. Last thing he knows, he is already in the aircraft.

Parkes claimed that his wife already know about his affair with the alien. He said his wife was furious after learning he has a mistress. However, Parkes did not have guilt in him since his lover is from another planet.

He maintained that aliens have been in touch with him since he was still a baby because his mother is a 9 feet tall green aliens with 8 fingers. Parkes added that he has been monitored by aliens to protect him from any harm.

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  1. where do they find these people? These are the sort of people who make the UFO phenomena a running joke in the eyes of the mainstream.

  2. And the "Lunatic Fringe" continues…more concerning is that people actually believe this…and voted him into a position of responsibility…and…he teaches young people to drive??? His wife needs to introduce him to a frying pan…up…side his head! So, can we please get back to the unexplained?

  3. This guy is doing LSD and likely sleeping with his wife who transforms when he does the acid. LOL but a typical politician.

  4. ifact i do like ufo story but when some-one claims that he or she have been abducted by an alien that's absurd.any-how if the aliens exists they do look like us.couse they(aliens)and we(humans)have got the same creater.

  5. Many people have had encounters with a multitude of beings that are multi-dimensional. Yes, there have been half-breed children as a result. (My sister has an eighteen year old half-breed. She didn't tell me how many times she's been allowed to see her child, after telling me about her encounters seventeen + years ago. Indisputable occurrences happened to me, my family and friends 17+

  6. Fuel for the skeptics, fits their imaginary profile of Bubba in the woods. I wouldn't doubt that this guy is a skeptic plant made to make the true believers look crazy.

  7. let&#39;s assume he is in a love affair with an ET , is this super intelligent creature will allow to divulged everything on what is going on between themselves. Because no any alien until now has the audacity to expose himself publicly in any public square or stadium up till now and we do not know the reasons yet they do not show themselves openly to public<br />

  8. The grammar alone is enough to discredit the story. But the fact that his mother is a 9 foot tall green alien with 8 fingers? Didnt she stand out at pta meetings? And Everyone know aliens are gray!

    • people in recorded ufo encounters have told us there are several types of aliens. some are very tall, like this story says. others are called &quot;grays&quot;. others look like big bugs, almost like praying mantises. others are balls of light that turn into beings that resemble humans but not entirely. as for the grammar, i have come to the conclusion that a non-english person is translating all

  9. pure mental defective stuff we.re getting fed now its beyond science fiction its bordering on the ridiculous dont believe a word of it ive seen the programme on tv one abductee was given lie detector failed became angry with then tester i think these people have brain abnormalities maybe too do with magnetic fields etc which affect there brain waves. all conjecture agree with anonymous lunatic

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