Crop Circle Discovered in Tennessee

On Monday, at 8AM in the morning, May 13, 2013, a teenager was shocked to see a strange formation in a hayfield near his house when he was placing a letter from his mother to the mailbox in Gray, Tennessee.

Such formation is crop circle, which is first to be reported in the state. Crop circles are commonly and usually found in the UK, and it is exciting to see such pattern in the land of America.

Tim Blumberg, 18, did not expect he was witnessing what he thought to be unbelievable. Tim is a resident in the area and knows what he and others see. He was left scratching his head to see a crop circle in the hay field where he never sees it before.

The said hayfield is owned by Connie Osborne, 62, who moved in Gray in 1979. According to Osborne, the appearance of the crop circle in her land was very mysterious since she found no tracks or trail that may suggest that someone or something stepped in on the grass to create the crop pattern.

The crop circle is formed by eight species of grasses. There is a far right partial ring towards northwest that has a 4-foot-wide curving path to the small central circle. The pattern also has a bar in the middle connecting the southeast partial ring where there is a 16-inch straight path to the ring’s small central circle.

Osborne observed that some of the grasses forming the crop circle were going clockwise and the others are going counterclockwise.

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