UFO Sightings Over UK Landmarks

UK is perhaps the place where the number of UFO sightings is very high. Reports continue to fill in the media as many witnesses confessed their respective sightings.These unidentified flying objects were spotted near several major landmarks in the country, including Blackpool Pier, the Houses of Parliament and the famous Stonehenge.

The National Archives released files which including notable sightings reported to the Ministry of Defense’ UFO Desk dating from 2007 to 2009, the year when such number was so high that it already including the Canary Islands.

One witness left a message on the UFO hotline answerphone about a UFO seen over the Houses of Parliament in London. The UFO was described as an object with green, white and red lights that remained static in the sky despite of several aircraft passing by.

Another sighting also took place in the popular Stonehenge. On January 14, 2009, an email was sent on photographs of UFOS over the ancient monument. The unknown objects have discoid shapes and were described to have not originated on Earth.

An anonymous writer wrote on some downloaded photographs of a UFO at Blackpool Pier in October 2008. Such object was investigated and remained unidentified.

Whether these objects are man-made or extraterrestrial, nobody knows why such UFO sightings in this country remain constant.

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  1. So real as we will soon know what they want. They topple giants and empires and have been doing so for centuries. Do you know their recent work, as to the nation they are bringing to it's knees? Sure you do.

  2. Blackpool Pier is a rotting dump. The football ground is more iconic than it. This is another 'slow news day' article. Oyston out.

  3. Well its 30th June 2013 and still no site of the 200 mile wide spaceships lol Maybe they broke down and are waiting for Greenflag!

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