Hugo UFO/orb flying over Rome, Italy 8-Jun-2013

Latest UFO sightings – This huge unidentified flying object was flying across the night sky above Rome in Italy on Saturday, 8th June 2013.

Witness report: I was filming another object when it suddenly came on a ball of fire orange red on the size of the full moon was not able to estimate the magnitude, it passed very close to my house without making a noise was moving from west to south, then disappeared behind my building is I do not know what happened.
location rome italy
time 4:12 am dates june 08 2013 night vision bresser 5×50 av

Author (zetareticoli2010 @ youtube)

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  1. It only looks huge because it's way out of focus, I could make a plane look like that if I don't focus it.

  2. I have been lately having alot of dreams of them comming in large groups and different shapes n sizes. I think this is all part of the plan. the message I get is that they will be connecting with us soon.<br /><br />

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