UFO over Sao Paulo, Brazil during protests 17-June-2013

Latest UFO sightings – This interesting footage was recorded in Sao Paulo in Brazil during the recent protests, on Monday, 17th June 2013 at 5:30 pm. It was flying about 500 ft off the ground and hundreds of people saw it. It was not wind and it was like nothing most people ever seen.
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Hundreds of protesters in Sao Paulo, Brazil spotted an unidentified flying object floating over them on June 17, 2013. One of the protestors managed to record a video, which has been getting so much attention online, particularly on YouTube.Sceptics say that it was a remote control drone and the pilot was on the ground.

The one who uploaded the footage to the video sharing site has used the name “UFO Disclosure News (UFODI.)” The video has descriptions saying that the one who took the video has seen many UFOs but failed to film them. The video was taken on the 17th of June 2013 at around 5 0’clock in the afternoon. The UFO was flying approximately 500 feet above the ground. The owner of the video claims that there were hundreds of people spotted the mysterious object. The location of the event took place at Sao Paulo downtown, Largo da Batata.

However, no other videos that show the same sighting to back-up the legitimacy of the viral UFO video. The YouTube user says that they are searching for more footages showing the same thing and it will be a ground breaker if they do.

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  1. I've seen them here in NZ..no one believes me..Ive had several related experiences..no one believes me..only seek compassion..that's all I believe.

  2. How could you know what it was, it&#39;s a light of some sort.Unless there was a clearer picture it&#39;s just speculation, and that&#39;s OK I wasn&#39;t there. <br /><br />As for the NZ comment,I believe you. I have seen lots of odd things in the sky,and some people laugh. So what? You know what you saw, so don&#39;t let unkind and ignorant people bother you. Cherish your beliefs. You are

  3. A Drone, alien or ours. I believe that&#39;s what most of the orb&#39;d sightings are. I don&#39;t believe they&#39;re manned ( I use that term loosely of course )crafts. Gathering information, watching……

  4. typical ufo being nosey think its genuine 500 witnesses dont believe its a drone of some sort {or might be football official checking out the crowds before entering stadium arena }lol .

    • ok, don&#39;t worry, I do believe you, I&#39;m a real good psychiatrist, you can talk to me about those Zeta guys, you&#39;d love to meet one of my patients who&#39;s friend with the Omegas

    • Are you serious?<br /><br />Even with all the background noise you would hear a helicopter directly above them.<br /><br />And even with the below average quality video you would catch some parts of the chopper.<br /><br />There are so many things wrong with that as an explanation it&#39;s unreal you&#39;d even suggest it. In addition to the first 2 things I mention, there is the height, much

    • Too fast for a lantern, not flickering and that would have to be some pretty mad wind to make it move around like that.<br /><br />So no chance on the lantern front I would say.

  5. This is not a drone…It is moving about too erratically. It is the the same type of orb being caught in the skies all over the world…Always the same color of light and seen in groups as many as 50 buzzing in and out of clouds. This object is the most captured ufo on video. and drones dont manuver that quickly. Too fast to be a circular drone.

  6. Due to the hawking (ad) I had to d/c to move out of the video and I find the ad thing in general in poor taste! Sites such as this will become marganiled more if people are forced to look at stupid videos before they can see what it is their really interested in. I for one am going to not watch anymore of the ad&#39;s!

    • but to not watch the ads, and endure them for a few seconds, you will not be watching ufo videos, right? just ignore the ads, mute them, and continue to watch. yes, the ads are highly annoying, but you can ignore them.

  7. It is not a drone, the ego will create a response for the truth that is incomprehensible. Drones do not light up, and the removal of the vid from YOUTUBE shows the validity even more. Prepare for full disclosure soon.

  8. Here is what I think….. show me a &quot;drone&quot; of any kind that actually moves like that and appears to have solid bright light shining from it and I may consider it to be one…… being a large outsided event going, yes it could be a &quot;camera&quot; drone to get a view of the crowd… if that&#39;s the case, the operator sucks and moved around to much and fast to get good footage….

  9. oh, and by the way….. I take that back, some of you may be right. It may just be a drone….. But its not a human drone. I think a lot of us keep overlooking the fact that Aliens could also have their own &quot;observation&quot; drones that are remotely operated. I think that might just be what this is. No Aliens aboard, just a small drone launched from wherever. So keep in mind guys that

    • yes i&#39;m sure aliens have drones to come and check out a sight for them before actually showing up themselves. have you seen the movie War Of The Worlds? (the remake) there is a long, snake-like drone with a camera in it that the aliens use in that basement to check it out. something like that.

  10. I live in Christchurch, NZ and have seen a few oddities in the sky over the past couple of years. This is the most exciting ufo clip I&#39;ve seen in a long time. Possibly a drone I&#39;d say, probably military though I&#39;ve seen &quot;homebuilt&quot; drones do similair antics. <br />Definitely better than the usual clips of airplane lights and satellites for sure.

  11. in light of recent discovery of bacteria in the upper atmosphere, it is possible that these orbs are some type of life form. as for the ads,these were excessive. I usually check the comments first to see if it is worth watching. more often than not, I leave the site or switch to another site while that garbage is on. I have cut down on viewing this site for this reason. I hope to see something

    • Well then… 1st of all, thank you for taking my challenge seriously and making an effort to help with finding an answer to this video.<br />I gotta hand it to ya, that is a very good demonstration of this thing being human made and controlled. I have looked around and found similair vids to this…. yours is the best so far… and really shows that humans are making it harder and harder to

  12. I saw some weird lights over zona norte in Sao paulo the other night being the 9th Jan 2014. They were quite high and I though they were the remnants of a burnt up meteor or something or even a left over firework but they did not go out and they turned from 2 orangy vertical lights to 2 horizontal lights and moved away slowly. I then though oh must be an aircraft and then the turned vertical

  13. I saw some weird orange lights above Sao Paulo the other night being the 14th Jan 2014.They were high up and vertical and an orangy color and then they turned horizontal making me think that they were a plane but they then turned back to vertical again and then disappeared. I thought at first they were the remnants of a burnt out asteroid or even a firework but not a chance by the way the lights

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