UFO Sighting On Video Above South Park Road in Ilford, London

A man unintentionally captured a video of a UFO when he was playing back footage for his documentary in Ilford. Forty-two year-old John Rogers was wandering around South Park Road, Ilford to conduct research for his book he was working. To document his travels, he captured video footage from the top deck of a bus.Without his knowledge, aliens wanted to become part of his travel documentary. He says that discovering he caught a UFO in a film was a real fluke. At the end part of his video, he saw the light in which he initially thought a reflection. However, he immediately dismissed the reflection theory after learning there was no other lights.

He decided to publish the footage online and since then he received attention about the UFO from people around the world including comedian Russell Brand and BBC One Sky at Night presenter Jon Culshaw. Rogers says that the UFO might be some debris from space or a shooting star and definitely something not terrestrial origin.

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  1. This has to be something real because the object is falling down behind the clouds. Photo Editor will only put the object over the picture not behind the clouds! Awesome, but I think its an asteroid

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